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December 22nd Is The Longest Full Moon Of The Decade — Get Ready For Extreme Energy Shift

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December 22nd Is The Longest Full Moon Of The Decade — Get Ready For Extreme Energy Shift

The full moon on Saturday December 22, 2018 will fall on 0° Cancer which means it will be all about good vibes!

Be ready to change your life for better and pleasant encounters. This is a drastic modification from the last two moon phases that fell in Mars lap.

This time it will change the direction of tides in your life and move them far away from negativity and resentment that you may have felt. 

The December 2018 full moon will connect the huge red star Betelgeuse in Orion, which is linked with immense power, respect and prosperity. So go after your instinct and be open-minded about any unforeseen chances that happen to occur.

You may meet new pleasant people or form a new attitude towards life which could bring drastic changes in your career or love life on this Christmas.

Another strong influence on the moon is the Venus trine Neptune. It means good things could be happening in your romantic life. 

A full moon takes place when the sun is in the opposite direction of the moon. This dominates the contrasting forces in your life.

For example work versus home etc. Your mental state could come in conflict or oppose to the physical limitations which may drain your energy. Everything revolves around the energy of the moon.

Emotions and instincts need to be focused on as they will tell you how to overcome the challenges you face. The subconscious will make you aware of the greater things in your life, the things often overlooked. 

This full moon will offer you thought-provoking private encounters and exhilarating events.

You may feel more open to modifications in your life and may even vigorously look for them.

This is the universe trying to bring changes in your routine and your intuition would rather quickly allow you to make decisions. Follow it and take up on opportunities that occur. You may come up with original ideas.

Chance encounters can be thought provoking and may lead to new friendships. Your mood will alter a lot but you will work on being patient.

You will feel comfortable going out of your comfort zone and may look forward to things that facilitate your growth. You will feel more relaxed when sharing your feelings with the people you love, especially after holding them in for so long. It is also a good time to break old habits and pursue new ones. 

The closest star this time to the moon is Menkalinan. And it has a positive influence on the full moon. Another one is Betelgeuse. It is also a red star in Orion the Hunter.

It may help offer you respect and prosperity. It may help add a lot of fortune and other rich attributes in your life.

Apart from this, this star helps you in having an active mind which helps in mindfulness. Along with this you may have a very strong will and may feel confused or unruly if you are kept restrained.

Mostly you may encounter success but will be left challenging superiors such as a lot of power to handle or immense wealth. 

Venus trine Neptune is another powerful aspect happening right now and is good for active romance, recreation and distraction.

You may just recognize the ideal lover for yourself, even though he may be there all along in the form of your neighbor or best friend.

Give yourself away to the pull and good things will come out of it. You can also handle creative things right now which you previously were not so good at such as singing or playing instruments. 

Your love life will benefit immensely if you pay a little more attention to it. You will feel more compassion and sensitivity.

This may not lead to steamy love making, but definitely encouragement of a lot of tender touching and kissing. Be ready to feel the connection at a higher spiritual level, and then even the things grown ups do in bed will become enjoyable!

Previously the moon phase fell on 7th December this same year and the next one will be coming up on the Solar Eclipse 5 January 2019. 

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