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Coachella Facing $28k Fine After Lana Del Rey Breaks A Golden Rule

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Coachella Facing $28k Fine After Lana Del Rey Breaks A Golden Rule

Even though Coachella seems like a musical free-for-all where everything goes, disobeying this maxim might have serious financial consequences.

Thousands of people jamming out to their favorite performers at Coachella can make for an exciting experience for both musicians and fans.

But regulations still need to be followed, and breaking them might have consequences.

After wrapping up the festival over its second weekend, singer Lana Del Rey is allegedly learning this.

TMZ claims that the singer’s failure to adhere to the festival’s stringent regulations regarding her set cost them an estimated $28,000.

Before you worry, the length of the performance is more important to the rules than the songs she may and cannot perform.


The outlet claims that Coachella is charged a small sum by the city of Indio for each minute that it stays past curfew.

A spokesman for the City of Indio told TMZ that the singer’s performance exceeded its allotted time by thirteen minutes.

Although it doesn’t seem all that horrible, given the agreement the organizers have with the city, this could easily turn into an expensive few minutes.

The journal was previously informed by city officials that the event is subject to a daily fee of $20,000 for the first five minutes past curfew and an additional $1,000 for each additional minute, as per the terms of the agreement with Goldenvoice.

The revelation didn’t appear to phase the singer’s admirers, who complimented the star for an incredible performance at the event.

She sang 19 songs, including “I LUV IT,” a new hit by Camila Cabello, which she performed unexpectedly.

According to the spokesman, this was the sole fine from the second weekend, so things weren’t too awful for the organizers all around.

UNILAD has requested a statement from Coachella’s organizers.

British DJ Calvin Harris made headlines last year when he broke curfew and went over time during his show.

As he dominated the decks in front of an enthusiastic audience of over 100,000 people, Harris was dubbed one of the biggest acts of the event.

Even though he was thirty minutes late getting to the stage, he made up for it by giving his audience an incredible show.

Based on Harris’ appreciation for the opportunity and experience at Coachella, I doubt he cares all that much.

He stated he had always wanted to perform at Coachella and released a video of one of the memorable parts of his show.

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