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Hello everybody! My name is Nikola Gjakovski and I am the owner and CEO of Daily Positive News.

I am 26 years old and I live in Skopje, Macedonia.

I’m ex kick-boxer, working out ever since, love motivation, inspiration, and self-determined unique individuals.

Skopje is the place I was born in. It’s a small city around one million people. I was born in good suited family, with lot of family ups and downs.

I’ve been playing video games since I was a young boy, until I was about 15 years old.

When I was a kid, I have never liked family lunches, precisely organized life, and mostly spend my life outside home.

I was the shortest and skinniest kid in the whole school, neighborhood and I think if back then I signed up for the Guinness book of World Record I would win for the skinniest kid in the world!

When I turned 10, the food kind of stacked in everywhere and I was really short and fat, just like chubby little kid. I started smoking since I was 10 and I was on the computer playing video games almost all the time.

Because my health got really messy, something got me… I lost 25 pounds, I quit smoking and I started working out.

Since I was 15, I haven’t missed a workout 4-5 days per week for seven years. I was training UFC for 6 months and I was professional kick-boxer for 5 years.

Since I quit kickboxing, I workout for 2 years in the gym and I don’t plan to stop until the end of my life.

However, the moment that changed me and made me the way I am now, was about 10 years ago when something hit me.

I was changed 180 degrees and I started motivating people to do the best in their lives, to lose weight, to succeed, and whole bunch of stuff regarding self-improvement. Mostly it was because I learned so freaking much through the pain during workout, overcoming obstacles, and facing fear.

I keep reading books on self-improvement, expanding consciousness, and inspiring stories, since we are all sponges, we need to soak the best information from this world and spread it, so many people can become better instead of bitter.

I didn’t know how to connect the world with me and this was the best solution, to open a website for motivating and inspiring people from every corner I can to reach their dreams.

I don’t want to brag much about me, so you will learn most of who I am through this mind-expanding website.

My general email is and my private email is If you have any, ANY type of questions you would like me to help, I will try to do my best.

Almost forgot to mention. We are group of people with blogs in accordance with every sphere in life. My friend Dejan has website for reprogramming your paradigm.You are more than welcome to visit his websites and gain the extraordinary wisdom he shares on a daily basis

Best regards,
Your personal trainer and most of all, friend
Nikola Gjakovski

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