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Justin Timberlake Shares An Update On His Health After He Cancels London Show

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Justin Timberlake Shares An Update On His Health After He Cancels London Show

Following the cancellation of his London gig, Justin Timberlake provided an update on his health.

Last night, the singer declared that his special one-off London gig would not be proceeding.

The 43-year-old disclosed that he is suffering from the illness.

“This is an unfortunate video I have to send out,” Justin stated in a video that was uploaded to his story.

“But I’m sure you can tell from the sound of things that I am not going to be able to make it to the show on Friday, which I’m gutted about.”

He continued: “I’ve been here in London all week and was so excited to perform Roundhouse. But… I’ve been battling some kind of bug and I thought it was getting better but it took a turn for the worse.”

In the midst of making a musical comeback, the singer recently revealed plans to tour Europe and the UK in support of his next album, Everything I Thought I Was.

The vocalist of Cry Me A River will also make an appearance in a prerecorded interview on tonight’s programme of The Graham Norton Show.

Despite his illness, Justin acknowledged that he “almost didn’t make it” onto the show, but he “was able to power through.”

The news of Justin’s new single, “Drown,” the newest track off his recently released album, Selfish, preceded the cancellation of the show.

Before heading to Europe in late July, his tour is scheduled to start this summer with thirty performances in North America.

This happens when Justin failed to express regret for his involvement in his rivalry with Britney Spears after learning of her memoir.

He told fans: “I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise, to absolutely f***ing nobody.”

The attendee claimed in a social media video that Justin’s comment regarding Britney came just before his rendition of Cry Me A River.

Famously, the singer dated the singer of Mirrors from 1999 until their public breakup in 2002.

The 42-year-old accused her ex-boyfriend of “cheating” on her with “another celebrity” in her biography, The Woman In Me.

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