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8 Things Men Do Only With The Women They Love


8 Things Men Do Only With The Women They Love

Love transcends genders, but there are subtle differences between how men and women display their affection to each other. Public display of affection might come easier to some than others, but usually when a man does this he is serious about the person he is with.

It takes a lot of vulnerability for a man to show what he truly feels, without hiding his emotions due to any societal conventions.

Coming to what all a man does for real love, here are the 8 discernible actions which show when he is absolutely in love with his significant other:

1. He will listen to you

Men do behave like children around the people they love. When they are passionate about something or someone they love, they give it their full concentration. If they love you, everything you say will matter to them.

However, listening doesn’t necessarily mean understanding. A man who truly loves you will actually listen and understand your words and thoughts. You will see it affecting their daily activities and gestures.

2. He will fight with you

Fights don’t generally mean that there is a rift in the relationship. Every bond requires fights in order to find their true standing and love. If a man truly loves you, he will fight with you and for you. He has invested his time and heart with you, and thus makes sure he discusses and solves every rift that threatens to create trouble.

These discussions are signs of a healthy relationship, and both of you should try to find middle grounds to heal it.

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3. He will make sacrifices for your happiness

This could be one of the biggest signs that shows that a man truly puts you before everything else. This shows their love and respect for your emotions.

If he agrees to modify his plans in order to do something you prefer rather than something he prefers, he is a keeper. By doing so, he is showing his willingness to put you and your needs before his.

4. He will fight for your love

A man who is in love with you will fight to retain that love. He feels lucky to have your love and show the same. For him, losing you would be the worst pain. That is why he does everything in his power to prevent that. He will stand beside you during your best and your worst of times.

5. He will be genuinely proud of your achievements

When in love, your man will view your achievements as his own achievements. The pride he feels about you will be somewhat similar to what a mother feels towards her child.

There is no competition in love and thus he will never feel threatened by you.

6. He will find you beautiful even on your worst days

No matter if you have a bad hair day or breakouts, your man won’t care for looks if he indeed loves you. He will love you for the person that you are and not your looks. Superficiality will never be the base of his love.

To him, you will look beautiful no matter what.

7. He will care about your family and friends as much as you do

He will understand how important your family and friends are to you and will give them equal respect. He will devote his time towards listening you talk about them and will accompany you on visits if asked.

He will recognize and respect their position in your life and will contribute in whatever manner possible.

8. He won’t be afraid to show his vulnerability in front of you

Men usually don’t like to show their vulnerability, but he will be different around you. He won’t be afraid to show you his vulnerable side and share his fears.

If not all, the man who loves you will show most of these characteristics. You are precious to him and he won’t shy away from showing that.

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