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6 Cosmic Reasons why Certain People Come Into our Lives–Each One For a Specific Reason


6 Cosmic Reasons why Certain People Come Into our Lives–Each One For a Specific Reason

Is there a reason why certain people come into our lives? Is there a plan of the Universe which makes them leave? Some people believe that there is a bigger plan behind the entry and exit of every individual in our life. If we expand our perspectives a bit, even the biggest skeptics could see this intricate design between every human being.

A lot of people believe that people enter each other’s lives for either “a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime”. This might be a good summary, but it misses out on explaining the reasons behind it. These reasons form the base for all human connections.

The idea of a ‘spiritual synchronicity’ propagates the belief that there are no accidents or coincidences; everything that happens in the Universe happens for a reason.

It is best described as a mirror. Whatever you do reflects back on you, so all your beliefs and commitments ultimately decide the course of your life. If you believe you are blessed with the power to heal, all the broken souls will be pulled towards you. Something similar happens if your mental space is stormy, you will attract like-minded individuals and situations to yourself.

Each person we meet has been sent for a reason. They play various roles in helping us grow and move forward on our life path. They impact, influence and guide us. Thus its all the more important to be aware of the importance of each person in our life, and never fall into the comfort zone that makes us take them for granted.

Below are 6 cosmic reasons why certain people come into our lives:

1. They are sent to us to remind us

Sometimes we lose sight of our goals, dreams or things which actually matter. Our better sense of judgment is clouded and it’s during times like these that some people show us the correct way. They remind us of what matters more and why we chose our paths in the first place.

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2. They hold space for us – in tiny but powerfully positive ways

Not all the people we encounter with are supposed to have a large, life-changing impact on our lives. Some of the people come into our lives for very short periods of time just to warm us with their companionship. They have a short but meaningful role to play in our lives.

3. They are sent to awaken us

Sometimes we let life’s reins fall from our hands, letting it move without our participation. We get too comfortable or distracted to actively take control and lead our own lives towards its goals. It Is during situations like these that certain people enter our lives to awaken us towards our goals.

4. They provide much needed encouragement

Facing mountains of challenges and failure is enough to discourage any soul. Many times during the course of our lives, we face a situation which seems impossible to conquer, where failure seems inevitable. Here the Universe provides us help by sending over people who encourage us, and help us find our strength to continue.

5. They help us grow

Growth is a continuous process of our lives. Whether we like it or not, situations never remain the same and they keep changing, which forces us to adapt and grow accordingly. It helps us shed our previous shortcomings and transform into the person we are destined to be. Most of the times, these changes occur with the triggers provided by another person. They are the people who actually propel us towards our growth.

6. They are sent to stay, becoming a permanent part of our life

As explained above, people don’t always stay with us for our whole life. Most of our acquaintances and friends are there to keep us company for a set period of time. However, there are those who stay with us through thick and thin and become life-long companions. They will have a continuous role in your growth.

Every person who crosses our path is important in his/her own way. Its significance should not be ignored if we wish to grow and succeed in our lives.

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