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10 Kinds Of Texts Women Send Only To Men They Like (And What They Really Mean)


10 Kinds Of Texts Women Send Only To Men They Like (And What They Really Mean)

In the present world of texting, it is very hard to understand if a girl simply likes you as a friend or wants to be something more. Most of the times, we misjudge the situation, and end up creating an awkward situation. The girl might have started liking you, but you went in straight and fast, and ruined the entire scenario.

So, it must be said that one needs to be very careful while talking to someone they like. Hold yourself back and see if you can understand what she is trying to say.

If you still don’t, here are 10 tricks that would definitely help you.

1. She Wishes You A Good Day In the Morning

You might think, what is so special in that? Well, why would you text her first thing in the morning? Because you were thinking about her? Because you wanted her to wake up and talk to you? She thought the same too. This is an indication that she is inclined towards you. Don’t mess it up. 

It doesn’t mean that she is in love with you, but you can go ahead and try wooing her at least. 

2. She Laughs at the End of her Texts

She doesn’t take everything seriously and genuinely likes you for the fun person you are. She also likes that you don’t take everything seriously. She thinks you are hilarious and you need her to keep thinking that.

3. She sends Hug Emojis

In the present world, we talk more in emojis than in words. So, if she keeps sending hug emojis after much of the texts, it means that she wants to get closer to you. Don’t presume that for physical intimacy. It could be emotional, it could be spiritual, but there is something there you can take forward.

4. She Texts You About Going to Places

She likes spending time with you to the extent that she would actually text you about how excited she is to be going out with you. If there is some place you mutually decided to visit, her excitement is a testament to her attraction to you. Don’t let go of that.

5. She Compliments you Regularly

She just doesn’t say it because you might actually look good in some pictures, but because she actually wants to see you with her. She might compliment you and you might just take it that you do look good, but her implications go way deeper.

6. She Asks You To Come Over

This doesn’t always mean physical intimacy. When she texts you to come over, it could be because she trusts and likes you enough to bring you into her private space. She cherishes your company and while that might lead to intimacy, don’t go there with that in your mind. There are many things she might want to talk about. 

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7. She Texts You About Doing Something Fun

Again, it doesn’t imply sexual intercourse. She might simply be asking you to accompany her for a hike or a trek. But what is important is knowing that she has thought about you, and values you enough to ask you to accompany her. She could have asked a lot of other guys, but she chose you. This means something.

8. She Texts You About Her Friends Wanting To See You

This is a big green flag. She has talked about you to her friends and in a positive light which is why they want to see and meet you. Be on your best behavior if that is the case, for her friends would decide if you are worthy of her. As far as texting goes, you can be assured that you are considered special now.

9. She Invites You To Meet Her Family

This is all the invitation you need. This means that she sees you as a potential partner. For women don’t introduce every single guy to their family. Only if the guy is special does she decide to take this step. And if she invites you straightforwardly, it means that you are the guy. Again, don’t mess this up. for she is as excited about it as you are. 

10. She Gladly Accepts Meeting Your Family

This is the final step. If she wants to meet your family and gladly accepts your invitation, it means that she already considers your family as hers. And that is the biggest thing you can ask of a woman. Don’t worry about wooing her, but do worry about maintaining it.

We hope this will help you in wooing the girl you like!

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