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To attract the person of your dreams, become the person of your dreams


To attract the person of your dreams, become the person of your dreams

Uh, what? Are you confused? What does it even meant to become the person of your dreams to attract the person of your dreams? Who is this person? Well, first, ask yourself these questions and then we’ll talk about the dreaming and the person.

Do you struggle to stay happy in a relationship? Have none of your previous relationships worked for you? Do you think the wrong kind of people are attracted to you? Did you never have a successful love life?

Hmm… Think about these questions. Look back at your past relationships. Is the answer to all these questions a yes? Well, we have a major problem then.

Have you ever considered the possibility that it’s not the people who are an issue? Did it ever occur to you that there might be something wrong with you? Because if your love life sucks and there has been a continuous pattern of failed relationships, it isn’t quite possible that you attract the wrong people ALL THE TIME. The problem is probably you. Yes, it is downright harsh and cruel but it’s the truth and you need to face it.

Take a moment to let this reality sink in. Walk down the memory lane again. Assess what went wrong with every relationship. Do you understand now? Does it make sense why you have been the problem every single time? Well, if you do, its time you change yourself for the better.

First, know this: the law of attraction says “you attract what you are, not what you want”. So, don’t expect good from others if you aren’t good to yourself.

Surely, nobody intentionally looks for someone toxic but you can’t really help it if it is you who is negative, moody and needy. No matter how successful and happy of a person you become, you will never be attracted to someone who is in a bad mood, complaining and always unhappy. That’s just not who they are so why would they want someone who is?

In order to attract the person you would like to date, start taking emotional responsibility for your actions. You need to recognize the changes you need to make in yourself so that you attract the right person – that’s what we meant when we said you need to become the person of your dreams to attract the person of your dreams. In a nutshell, be the kind of a person you would like to date!

Do you want to date someone successful? Then work towards your own success? Are you looking for someone emotionally stable? Start becoming emotionally stable yourself. Do you want someone to respect you? Show yourself respect. Do you want loyalty and commitment from your date? Instill loyalty and commitment within yourself.

If you seek someone who loves you, start loving yourself and then ready yourself for sharing that love. It all starts with YOU.

It requires some work on your inner-self to evolve as someone you would like to date. You have to get rid of the emotional insecurity. Whatever inner chaos you are experiencing, it needs to be calmed. You will have to ignite a spark within you to attract someone with the same zeal. Don’t expect to end up with someone ambitious and motivated if you lack ambition and motivation yourself.

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Becoming better is not a one-time thing. You have to work on yourself continuously, trying to better yourself every day. Surround yourself with people who support your growth, who help you outdo your yesterday self. If you become, you will attract.

Once you become the person of your dreams, the kind you would want to date, you will see the changes. You will see how you don’t attract the wrong people anymore.

You will witness a progress in your love life. You will meet people who love themselves and are willing to share their love with you. These will be the people who will know how to respect you. They will be good for you, unlike the people you have dated in your past. That’s when you will stop settling for anything less than what you have become.

It will be a transformative journey, trying to become the person of your dreams and emerging successful. You will witness a 360-degree change in your love life. It’s about time things start happening!

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