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9 Psychological Tricks to Become the Most Charming Person in the World


9 Psychological Tricks to Become the Most Charming Person in the World

You know how some people seem trustworthy and charming just as soon as you meet them? It’s not like you know them or something but you know they are good. They have positive vibes.

Jeff Haden, one of the most influential and popular people on LinkedIn and the author of almost 30 business and communication books, explained how these people are so pleasant when we first meet them.

Here are the 9 of those characteristics which make people likable instantly.

1. Losing doesn’t scare them

They aren’t whiners when they are losing. Charming people are capable of admitting their mistakes and acknowledging their failures. They are well aware of the fact that they cannot win at everything. Plus, they do not expect anything in return when they give. If they envy you, they will not be afraid to say “I’m jealous of you” because they know people welcome honesty.

2. Their sincerity reflects in the delight they express when they meet you

These enchanting people know just how important eye contact is when making conversations and they use it advantageously. They are actively listening to you, paying attention to your expressions and your emotions and there is a connection. It helps them find a common ground with their interlocutor, fostering the feelings of trust in the other person.

3. They seek mutual understanding

There are certain people who look for reasons to disagree and contradict. These delightful people don’t. They look for a common ground with the other person, which fosters understanding and encourages in interesting conversation. It also helps cultivate positive emotions.

4. They practice the power of touch

Touch is a potent means to communicate effectively. Here’s one of the experiment: researchers tried to express 12 emotions by touching their interlocutors without words. Result: in 50-83% of the cases, these emotions were expressed correctly. Hence, if you want to express your sincerity, convey the right emotions and gain the trust of the interlocutor, it is best to touch them appropriately.

5. They know how to use facial expressions and gestures effectively

These beguiling people have the ability to express their emotions incredibly well. They know how to make even the most boring of stories interesting. Their gesticulation and facial expressions are on point and well depict the mood of the story. They know their way to stimulate the interest of their interlocutors.

6. They aren’t afraid to look silly

They don’t shy away from trying something they aren’t good at simply because they will look silly doing it. Charismatic people attract others through this confidence because people don’t laugh at them for being awkward but people laugh with them. Since they embrace their weakness with zeal, people appreciate them.

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7. Asking questions is one of their strongest fortes

They are experts at making you talk about yourself. They know just when, how and what questions to ask to continue the conversations. It’s not just about you – they are willing to talk about themselves just as openly too. Their genuine interest in wanting to know you fosters trust between you and them. Plus, when they find something about you, they will share something similar about themselves which leads to a discovery of something common between you two. The conversation becomes so much more interesting!

8. They won’t ever forget a name

You know how it feels when someone you have just met calls you by your name? It feels personal, it feels good. And charismatic people always remember names and other minute details quite precisely. When you know someone remembers these little details only when you two have met once and for a short while, you will reminisce them positively.

9. They listen more and talk less

It’s human nature to be wanting to be heard. We all tend to talk about what we know. We all want to be heard. We are less keen to listen to others but enigmatic people aren’t. They are amazing listeners. These are the kind of people who will listen to you attentively and react emotionally. They aren’t into talking much because they try finding a common ground by listening to you first.

How many people do you know who have these qualities of a charismatic person? How many of these do you have? Be sure to develop them if you want to be an instantly likable person!

Image was originally taken by Sean Archer/500px

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