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Miserable People Lack These 12 Habits


Miserable People Lack These 12 Habits

Happiness is something that everyone shares at some point. Of course, no one chooses to be sad or depressed at any given time.

Everyone knows someone who is all jolly most of the time, even if they are going through terrible times in their life. This does not mean that those people don’t have difficult times; it’s just that they choose not to dwell on them.

Here are some things happy people do:

1. They are grateful for all their life experiences in general, whether good or bad. They grow a naive and pure sense of wonder when it comes to experiencing moments. They fixate on the essence of every living thing. They make the most of each day and take nothing for granted.

2. They surround themselves with people like themselves who have a positive vibe around them and those who share the same values and principles. Because these people will help you become the person you want to be and not pull you in the opposite direction. They will always be there as a helping hand.

3. They accept others for the way they are and also respect the differences. This helps them grow a kind vibe around them and lures people to them when they are seeking someone generous for help. Help when you are able, without trying to change the other person. Try to brighten the day of everyone you come into contact with.

4. They are a part of trend and keep in touch with latest fashion and hobbies that make them come across as lively people. They are always open to new ideas and activities such as dancing, surfing or singing.

5. They don’t pity themselves and, if they are facing issues, they are constantly engaged in finding a solution for it. They don’t let it affect their mood and instead they try to see it from a fresh perspective. They must learn to trust their guts, as they are always right.

6. If they don’t like their job, they are going to quit. They will not go through it like most people would choose to do. We spend a huge proportion of our lives working. The one thing that you must enjoy is what you do for a living. If it is not making you happy, it is not worth it.

7. They take time out to appreciate beautiful things around themselves. If they see a rose, they are going to enjoy it visually and you’ll see them looking at it and smiling. They take time to smell it, to feel the sun rays shine upon it or the rain drops fall of it. Every little detail is captured by them.

8. They don’t take anything too seriously. They try to find humor in just about anything. They will even laugh at themselves.

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9. They don’t hold grudges against anyone. They will either forgive them silently or talk to you about it. They will do this for their own peace of mind. And if it is their fault, they will own up to it and apologize for it.

10. They tend to develop a sense of gratitude – they are constantly counting their blessings, even the little ones. These could be things such as the home they live in, their family, and their relation with their lover. And they defy all things material. Because they know what matters the most is their connection with other humans. It is temporal yet permanent.

11. They always make sure their loved ones know they love them, even in times of conflict. They make strong connections with family and friends and are always there for them and never break promises to them. They also believe strongly in honesty. Everything they do is based on honest feelings and actions and thus they maintain that and hold others by this too.

12. They meditate on a regular basis, its their form of relaxation. This way they have energy to deal with other people in a more rested manner. Activities they might be indulging in includes yoga, affirmations, relaxation tapes, soothing music, visualization or just silently contemplating.

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