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9 Subtle Lies You’re Telling Yourself Every Day Without Knowing It


9 Subtle Lies You’re Telling Yourself Every Day Without Knowing It

Even though we know honesty is the best policy, we tend to lie every once in a while. We all are well aware of the lies we tell others, the betrayal we make others go through.

What about the deceptions we have been giving to ourselves? The false beliefs we keep endorsing merely because it prevents us from feeling what we actually need to or avoid the inevitable. You probably know where we are getting at.

Here are the 9 most elusive and popular lies we tell ourselves almost every day.

1. I am a victim of my past

Are you really the victim of your past or are you just not willing to move on? You know, you can’t always blame your past for everything. Sure, what happened was terrible and it changed you. But you have today to make amends, to start taking responsibility for your own actions and to stop dwelling in what can’t be changed. Take charge, learn from your past mistakes and move on, more resilient and stronger than ever!

2. Money doesn’t love me

Why does everything have to be about money? Of course, we need money to live and fulfill some of our dreams but we shouldn’t be too hopeful when we begin, right? You shouldn’t choose money and think that you can’t ever earn enough. It’s only matter of time that you will flourish and climb a step further on that salary ladder. Start with something little and gradually dream of going all grand!

3. I’m too old for that

Remember how the famous saying goes “better late than never”. Similarly, you really can’t be too old for anything! Would we have KFC if Colonel Sanders would have had this thought when he opened the first KFC franchise at the age of 61? Would Mona Lisa be one of a kind if Leonardo Da Vinci had this though when he painted it at the age of 51?

Just remember, at times, you only prosper when odds are seemingly against you. Age doesn’t have to be an obstacle to fulfill your calling.

4. When I have… then I will be happy

So, you think your happiness depends on achieving this certain goal or getting this certain thing. It doesn’t! Your happiness doesn’t have to depend on anything, let alone ultimatums you give yourself.

5. I am a loser because I failed at my attempts

You failing at your attempts doesn’t make you a failure. Failure and success come in the long run and not an instance. It takes a couple of small failures and successes to finally emerge as successful. Stop living in the future already and focus on what you have now. Don’t let your failures define who you are. Don’t give up.

6. I can do that later

It is probably one of the most widely spoken lies – I will do it later and the later never comes! In reality, none of us knows the amount of time we have. What we fail to see is that we might have something else to do “later” and the task at hand needs to be done now. All we are guaranteed is now.

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7. No one understands me

Recall the times you have thought this to yourself. Everyone does. It isn’t just you. We are all different and we all have different opinions. It doesn’t mean you are not understood if people don’t agree with your ways. Embrace your uniqueness.

8. My complexes block my ability and efforts

What complexes? Everyone has faults. You don’t have to hide yours by using them as an excuse to achieve your goals. Your complexes do not disable you – your thoughts do. Your flaws make you who you are. They differentiate you. Try looking at yourself from the eyes of someone who loves you. Only then will you realize just how able you are!

9. I’m not them, I can’t do that

You don’t have to be THEM to do THAT. You only need to be yourself. They have their own abilities and you have yours. They made their way through it using their capabilities and you will use yours. You see their successful career but you ignore the fact that they all started somewhere. Think positive. Change your mantra to: “if they can do it, I can do it!”.

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