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10 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago


10 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago

We all have come on this Earth for, and with, a purpose. There is a very evident purpose of our existence hidden somewhere which we, the mortal humans, remain unaware of. This is because we aren’t taught to seek them or search for it at the correct time.

Till today, we have lived with so much confusion and grief. We have unknowingly committed mistakes, done harm to this world, its creatures, towards other humans. Because we are highly ignorant. We have harmed ourselves immensely in all these years of survival. It’s high time that we stop living in denial.

Too much negligence is harmful.

Here are 10 things to start contemplating on because there is still much time left to sort things out:

1. Love yourself first

Yes I agree. Being in a relationship is one of the greatest things in life ever. But while falling in love with someone and trying to commit to them, we often forget to love ourselves first. We start living for another person. This hampers inner well being and we realise it much later when things have already worsened. Never give up your own strength and resilience for someone else. Be strong enough to live through every thick and thin.

2. Reach your goal on your own accord

Sometimes while trying to please people, we lose our own way. This is not acceptable. It’s okay to not forgive someone for their grave mistakes, its okay to avoid someone for your own good. It’s okay if sometimes you think only about yourself and not about the others. After all, it’s your life. However, forgiveness gives you inner peace and being even with someone gives you the support to forge ahead.

3. You are how you appear before this world

Your behavior, attitudes, your happiness and carefreeness determines what you attract on this Earth. You can attain happiness, freedom, contentment if you share them with others. If others do not have the privilege of living a beautiful life as you are, try to give them that. You should use your two hands to help others and your own self. Be the One who stands as a pillar of support for others.

4. You fall down seven times, you stand up eight

Every story of a failed attempt gives you ample lessons to learn from it. Failing in something doesn’t mean your end is here. Once we fall, we rise up the again. This is the rule of the universe. Obstacles, hardships, loneliness and hurdles are temporary and omnipresent in life. The key is learning to overcome them. And this is possible only when you do it by yourself. Giving up isn’t an option.

5. Your failure doesn’t define you, rather your triumphs do

Failures are a part and parcel of life. One shouldn’t be pinned down because of their failures. Your pain should be silent; your achievements should talk about you in the loudest echoes. Never question or doubt yourself, never try to escape. Build up your strength and willpower.

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6. Leave your bitter past behind

Never allow your past to interfere in your present. What has happened has happened. The past will keep on whispering to you, trying to bring you down. Your present is what you should concentrate on making beautiful. You don’t have to relive the moments that are gone. It’s okay to let go off your bitterness, your hollowness and begin a new journey again. In an attempt to correct your past, don’t live with resentment in your now.

7. It’s never too late to exhibit your capability

You are born in this world with a hoard of capabilities. Never refrain from showing them to others. You may not be good in academics, but you’re good in music. Go ahead with that passion of yours. Fulfill the purpose of your life, which is simply not to be happy and satisfy others. But live for yourself, be productive, bring about a change. Changes are constant and there is no end to growing.

8. In the pressure of a secure future, don’t overlook your passions

We all want a secure future with a good job, good salary, a good house and a family. But it will be a few years later, while drowning in frustration, you will realize your own mistake of not choosing your passion over a corporate job. Your love for something keeps you the most happy. Chasing after money can only give you momentary happiness. So rebuild your creative ideas and do something with them, there is still time. These have greater value, more value than the things that money can buy.

9. No pain means no gain

Nothing comes to you without hard work. Once life knocks you over, its then you realize how hard and cruel life is. But this is also how you learn, you learn to be strong, powerful and determined. Never take things for granted. Appreciate love because you have seen heartbreak, appreciate happiness because you have seen sadness. Appreciate life because you have seen failure.

10. Sometimes it is just okay to listen to your heart

All these while, you have gone according to the advice of others. Why not try to listen to what your heart says? Don’t always try to control or suppress your inner wishes and wants. Change your response to them, manipulate them. Sometimes the things you can’t change, changes you for the better. Sometimes you feel that its okay to not end up where you should have been, rather end up where you have always wanted to be.

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