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12 Reasons Why Hippies (Instead of Psychos) Should Rule the World

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12 Reasons Why Hippies (Instead of Psychos) Should Rule the World

Hippies are not just the crazy wild spirits, the drug lords that always indulged in wishful living as they are often stereotyped.They are much more. They are the idealists who are the harbingers of peace and work towards the preservation of planet Earth. They are the old school romantics who cling with all that they have to the idea of love and go out of their way to help the ones in need.

While the world is plagued by politicians that are hungry for power and trample over the likes of man as they put world peace at stake, why not have people who prefer peace over power in charge? Before you completely negate this idea, let me tell you why you should consider someone who can bring out the evolution of spirit.

1. Appreciate everything rather than conquering everything

We are idealistic beings who are also hopeless romantics, clinging to the idea of love. We love everyone around us – not only humans but animals, trees, and the planet. When you love something, you make it a point to appreciate its presence in your life rather than trying to conquer, exploit or dominate it.

2. We Lead Simple Lives

We are not the ones who want the materialistic pleasures of life. We expect very little and appreciate all the love that comes our way. We don’t wish to own the most expensive places or even visit them – we are happy sitting on a rooftop stargazing with people who really matter. The key to success, happiness and peace to live simpler lives where we take time to appreciate all the little things.

3. “Make love, not war.”

Let’s work for a peaceful world and not let religious, political and cultural differences come in the way.

4. Let’s Fight for the cause that is right

While we’re no believers in fighting meaninglessly, we fight for the things that really matter and are righteous like human rights, preserving the planet or making things better.

5. We Create Art to Change the World

We open doors of perception through art. We make people believe in the idea of a better world through art just like John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Jim Morrison did.

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6. We believe in giving the love we get

We are here because of mother Earth and it is our responsibility to love her with all we have without her, we are nothing. So, we hug trees and take care of trees so that the future generations have a less polluted planet.

7. We Fight Against Capitalism

Capitalism is indeed responsible for destroying millions of lives all over the world and has completely ramshackeled a lot of nations. Hippies have always been against things that destroy our world as a whole, and always will be.

8. We aren’t materialistic

Material possessions are not our thing. You’ll never find us gushing about the most expensive gadget or rushing to get hold of the most popular accessory. We are content with simpler things and we slow down the corporate, capitalist monster while can.

9. We Grow what we eat and challenge capitalism

We don’t believe in GMO so we grow what we eat to have healthier lives. In this way, MNCs suffer a little. If everyone grew what they eat, imagine how healthy lives would be and how minimal wastages would be!

10. We know to slow down

This world is victim to its fast pace. While individuals hardly have adequate time to sleep or eat, they are always rushing from one point to another. We believe in now – we know when to slow down and take life as it comes.

11. We strive for balance

We are not individuals who believe in extremes. We are always looking for an optimal balance in life where there is harmonious living.

12. We care about our world

We don’t believe in selling and exploiting mother Earth. We encourage methods like HitchHike and Nature Baths to preserve it for future generations.

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Image source: Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell

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