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10 Toxic Habits That Drain Your Energy and How to Quit Them


10 Toxic Habits That Drain Your Energy and How to Quit Them

Do you feel like you can’t go any longer? Do you feel drained and empty? Do you feel like the world is becoming too much of a burden? Well, it’s time you take a look at your habits, for they might be draining you.

If you don’t know which of these habits might be bad, check out these 10 exhausting habits. Dalai Lama proposed how we give them up and we have taken it upon ourselves to enlighten you with his advice.

1. Not keeping up with the promises

We tend to take made promises for granted. It might not be a sign of goodwill after all. Do not make promises you know you won’t be able to keep. It will only end up destroying your name. And if you have made a promise, put in your best to stick with it. It isn’t something you say because your mood dictated so.

2. Mingling with toxic people

We all have these people in our lives who can’t appreciate anything we do for them. Their aura dispenses negative vibes. Nobody needs such people in their life. Always surround yourself with people who contribute to your growth and who are positive. It may be hard but cut out all the toxic people from your circle.

3. Delaying our debts

Pay your bills on time and make it your life motto: “don’t owe anyone anything”. Whatever money you owe to others, be it your bills or rent, pay it on time. If you want others to repay you at their earliest, do the same.

4. Holding grudges and inability to forgive

Resentment, holding grudges and hatred doesn’t do anyone any good, especially you. Develop the ability to forgive and move on. Others might not deserve it but you do. You will never be at peace unless you learn to forgive.

5. Sticking to what doesn’t excite us

Yes, of course, we do not always get what we want. But there are times when we can always choose to do things we like, things that excite us. Do not let go of these opportunities. Always opt for your passion. When we do something we don’t like, we consume a lot more energy than we do in pursuing our passion.

6. There’s time for everything

You can’t always be resting. You can’t always be acting. Learn to find a healthy balance between the two. Everything will happen at its time so no need to rush. But it doesn’t mean you sit back and wait for things to happen. You need both, action and rest. They are equally important.

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7. Keeping the house messed up and cluttered

If you have all your stuff lying around the house, everything is just cluttered and there is no organization and it will block the natural flow of your energy. Remember, your house is the reflection of your energy. Keep things organized. Arrange your wardrobe, set your table and put things in order in your room. You will notice your life will start flowing.

8. Turning our backs in the face of adversity

You shouldn’t shy away from facing the hard times. They won’t resolve on their own. Own up to your responsibility and confront. If you do not like something, express your uneasiness and cut it out of your life. Stand tall in the face of adversities. Don’t run from them.

9. Not looking after our own health

You can’t really go on without staying healthy. Physical, mental and emotional health are all crucial to one’s happiness and prosperous survival. You need to look after yourself and dedicate some time to replenishing your energy. Take good care of yourself. Invest in being physically and mentally healthy.

10. Trying to have too much control of our life

You are a part of everything and everything’s a part of you. You don’t have to fight your life. All you have to do is embrace it with all its glory and misfortune. You don’t need to have all your control over your life but you need to let it be. Let it flow and let it unfold only in moments. Let yourself be carried away and your life will automatically become a lot easier!

Watch this video by the Dalai Lama:

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