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The Way You Spread Butter On Toast Says A Lot About Your Personality, According To A Research

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The Way You Spread Butter On Toast Says A Lot About Your Personality, According To A Research

According to researchers, even the most ordinary things may tell us a lot about ourselves, like how we spread butter on toast.

In a joint effort with the plant-butter company Flora, human behavior researcher Darren Stanton has classified people into four types of spreaders: gliders, lumpers, total coverage spreaders, and crust avoiders.

Let’s see if anyone can identify these butter spreaders by going over a couple of their unique styles.

Stanton describes gliders as those who spread toast evenly by skipping the butter and instead sliding their knife over the bread.

Nearly half of the polled respondents chose this strategy, which reveals a laid-back and relaxed personality.

As a result of their ability to stay calm under pressure, gliders are great listeners and empaths.

Their capacity to move through life unhindered by stress or difficulties is similar to butter: evenly distributed.

Some 19% of people are total coverage spreaders; they carefully spread butter all the way to the toast’s edges.

This approach demonstrates systematic order and precision. Because of their thoroughness-oriented nature and penchant for planning, Total Coverage Spreaders are frequently the go-getters among their friends and acquaintances.

The 6% of people who are Clumpers see their haphazardly distributed butter as a representation of their out-of-the-box thinking.

People like this live in a bubble, doing things their own way, and, as a fashion statement, are chronically tardy to appointments.

They are reckless with the butter spread, which reflects their scattered lifestyle.

Crust Avoiders account for about 5% of adults who don’t butter their crust.

As a whole, this group is quite methodical and orderly.

They take great pride in their meticulousness and efficiency in administrative work, yet they would die if butter were to spill over the edge of the bowl.

The seemingly insignificant act of buttering toast offers a platform for latent characteristics to surface.

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Gliding and whole-coverage spreading are two things I’m good at, but I’m not sure what else to say about myself.

Watch the video to find out what other characteristics are associated with spreading butter!

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