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7 Lifestyle Choices That Reveal Hidden Aspects of Your Personality, According To Science

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7 Lifestyle Choices That Reveal Hidden Aspects of Your Personality, According To Science

We go about our routine life without ever wondering why we have certain habits. It appears to be an ordinary choice that we make but actually scientists have to say otherwise. They believe that certain habits in us can reveal a side to our personalities that we keep suppressed in us.

So here are 7 types of habits that say a lot more about us than just a choice. Also, there’s an interesting note towards the end, which will tell you how to differentiate between genuine and fake people.

1. Tanning booths

Even though most of us know the consequences of tanning, there are many people who go to these booths. According to scientists, those who enjoy this type of artificial tanning are usually addicted to other things as well. For instance, these people are thrice more prone to falling into seasonal affective disorder and 6 times more prone to becoming alcoholics.

2. Organic food

Those who indulge in high quality food that’s devoid of pesticides and hormones tend to develop a judgmental attitude towards others. They’re less compassionate and view people in a subjective manner.

According to research, people who participate in healthy activities like consuming organic food believe that they can compensate for their good act by being unethical. So for them it’s like going to the gym, working out well, and later eating a chocolate. Such people feel they can be unprincipled.

3. Ecological shopping bags

Sometime back, people gained awareness of how plastic or paper bags can be environmentally unhealthy and switched to the use of reusable cloth bags. And just like those who consume organic food, these people also thought they’ve earned some brownie points to transgress. So most of them ended up buying a lot of unhealthy food like chocolates, chips, and other junks.

Researchers think that people who prefer fabric bags believe that, since they’ve done well to the environment, they can reward themselves with some unhealthy indulgence too.

4. Cold shower

Experts believe that people alter the temperature of their bath according to their own emotional warmth. That is, those who prefer a warm water shower are those who’re lonely. While those who enjoy a cold-water shower, are more egocentric, stubborn and do not invite others’ opinions. They may let people around them make suggestions, but they want to have the last word always.

5. Bitter food

There’s always some person in the group who likes their coffee without sugar or cream. According to scientists, people with a preference for black coffee may have psychological disorders similar to serial killers.

This study states that people who enjoy bitter foods are likely to be psychopaths. And those who like tonics, beer, or similar unsweetened drinks have sadistic and narcissistic attributes in them. They’re also quite possibly self-centered, deceitful, and vain.

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6. Likes on social media

It was discovered lately that the likes selected on Facebook can reveal a person’s identity, gender, sexual orientation, political and religious opinions, and level of intelligence. The purpose of this research was to increase the selling of goods on Facebook. But the study also showed that these likes could be a kind of “slacktivism” or simply a lazy way of expressing something. With just one click people are now expressing their concern and do not care to really make an effort.

7. E-mails

The way people keep their mailbox tells a lot about them:

– People who don’t ignore new mails (they promptly respond to it, or delete it) are always in control of things.

– Those who seldom delete messages, even after going through them, are perfectionists. They like to feel secure and keep them in case they need it later.

– And those people who keep their mails unread are really intelligent since they know that those letters don’t have anything to offer them and it’s best that they don’t waste time reading it.

Bonus: An easy way to differentiate between fake and genuine people

It’s true that success attracts everyone but people who are fake want to share their achievements with everyone and cut out a perfect picture of themselves. Whereas genuine people are content with their success and always have a sense of fulfillment in them. They also equally enjoy others achievements.

So what do you take from this article? Are these habits really indicative of something concealed in a person or are the scientists reading too much into it?

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