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Where To Go On A Date, Based On Myers Briggs Personality Types


Where To Go On A Date, Based On Myers Briggs Personality Types

If you are planning to go on a proper date and have an amazing time with your partner, it is necessary to select a proper place that would suit the personality of both of you.

A date loses its charm if the perfect spot is not chosen. Whether you are out on a date for the first time or have been going out for a while now, incorrect places can completely ruin your day. Exploring new places is a good thing but do not forget to check the reviews.

For this, it is important to understand the personality of your partner. Understanding the Myers Briggs personality types would help you further to know about the same.

Each MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) signifies certain specific characteristic elements. For example, people who are introverts boost themselves up in solitude while extroverts derive their energy from being in the company of others. 

While making important decisions or being retrospective about things, some might prefer going by their minds and be rational, while the rest go by their heart and are more passionate. Some people might use their senses of perception to spontaneously judge situations, while some prefer relying on their intuitions to realize the larger picture.

Each of these, namely introvert, I; extrovert, E; sensing, S; intuition, N; thinking, T; feeling, F; judging, J; and perceiving, P form essential elements of one’s persona.

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Based on these initials and their amalgamation, one could understand their way of living.  


It comprises of extrovert, sensing, thinking, perceiving. They are the most comfortable ones of the lot. Planning a date with them is to not have any plans ready. Be adventurous and discover new and unique places. Unplanned dates are best suited. Go with the flow and you will not screw things up. 


Introvert, sensing, thinking, perceiving are characteristic features of someone who is not very open about things. They value privacy and this is exactly where your skills need to be active. You would probably not get to know a lot from their persona and hence, you should be able to realize the situations based on your credibility. They would, however, not refrain from embarking upon thrilling ventures if asked to. 


Such people have their abilities of sensing, feeling, judging and extroversion heightened. They are easy going and do things for the sake of happiness and for all. They would probably be going on dates with you, but wouldn’t cringe about it if the plan is canceled. They suffice themselves with alternative things to spend time and be happy. They act like social butterflies and want you to be a part of their group of friends as well. They like to be in the company of people and derive their energy from there. A very typical kind of happy-go-lucky person! 


Introvert, sensing, feeling and judging are the ones who are very responsible concerning everything they do. They give equal importance to the things that truly matter and leave no stones unturned in getting them accomplished. They might appear as some typical traditional person who isn’t rash and is very dutiful. They take care of the minute details and try to make the small little things lighten up if not planning for something big. 


Extrovert, intuition, thinking, perceiving; they are very sociable. They love to talk to a lot of people in an endearing way. They want great surprises and hence, if you’re ready to do something unusually amazing, you’ve got all their attention. 


Introvert, intuition, thinking, perceiving are the most knowledgeable and careful ones. They are absolute perfectionists and like to take carefully measured steps. They are filled with unimaginable thoughts and emotions but their introvert nature makes them shy away in secrecy. One actually needs to work a lot if they want to make such people open up. Keep things on a mellower side and you would be doing absolutely great. 


Extrovert, intuitive, thinking, judging are the ones who are very competitive, even when it comes to their own partners. You need to be really witty and have your tricks up your sleeves to have a good time together. 


Introvert, intuitive, thinking, judging are the ones who have an active brain. They are constantly seeking information and knowledge from every possible source like a weasel who sucks melancholy. You could also pursue a great intellectual conversation through an interesting current affairs topic or simply discuss an interesting book. 


Extrovert, sensing, feeling, perceiving are very frank about their opinions and loyalties. They wouldn’t delay in letting you know about the things they want. They love to be of some use for things that really matter. 


Introvert, sensing, feeling, perceiving is a person who can be both gentle as well as adventurous at the same time. They are more like ‘eco-tourists’ who would love to explore the natural green zones around the world. 


Extrovert, sensing, thinking, judging are the kind of people on whom you can depend. They are amazing leaders and generally do not go the wrong way. Being with them will make you feel safe and comfortable. 


Introvert, sensing, thinking, judging are more traditional among the millennials. They would prefer a library or a museum over a pub. Their taste in music or literature speaks a lot about their traditional and classical choice. Go mellow with them and think deep if you want to have a great time ahead. 


Extrovert, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving is the jolly one, merriest of the lot. They are always the host and make sure that the party they throw is the most remarkable one. They would leave no stones unturned in making people happy. 


Introvert, intuitive, feeling, perceiving are a bit complicated, yet organized. They are not very vulnerable and have everything chalked out beforehand. Perfection is their rule and if you’ve got to be with them, plan a perfect date. 


Extrovert, intuitive, feeling, judging are very enthusiastic about life. They like to take up little ventures or tasks willingly and would also encourage you constantly to have your endeavors achieved. They are innocent and humble and would simply greet almost all the people they bump into to wish them a good day. This is exactly what makes them more adorable and irresistible. 


Introvert, intuitive, feeling, judging prefer the underlying love and affection behind all your actions. They appreciate your efforts highly and are positive about their opinions regarding love. 

Now you have an idea about what to do when you have an important day planned!

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