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Baby Weasel Takes A Ride On Woodpecker’s Back


Baby Weasel Takes A Ride On Woodpecker’s Back

Martin Le-May, a famous East London-based photographer, captured some really beautiful moments involving a baby weasel and a woodpecker.

There is quite a story behind these visuals which is sure to make you smile. When you look at it first, it will be just another cute picture to you but, when you know the story behind it, it will make you feel the value of the moment even more truly! Only then will you be able to take in the moment wholeheartedly.

Photo by Martin Le-May

So when you first take a quick glance at it, you will see this as a bond of harmony when, in reality, the woodpecker and the baby weasel are involved in a fight. Upon closer inspection you will see that the baby weasel is in an attempt to consume the woodpecker. On the other hand, the woodpecker is more fascinated by the idea of escaping the catch.

The ‘fight’ was witnessed by the artist at a fascinating location of Hornchurch Country Park. The artist was enjoying it as any other day and, as he heard some noise, his attention turned towards the source where he saw these two indulged in a fight.

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The woodpecker flew quite close to Le-May, which gave something away to the artist. There was something on its back and it turned out to be the weasel. This amused Le-May and he could not let the visual go so he took his camera out as quickly as he could and took some really stunning photos.

Photo by Martin Le-May

The cute looking picture had so much to hide, which is perhaps why they say that what you see might not always be true. As soon as the bird was on its feet catching some breath, the weasel got distracted by the sight of Le-May and his wife. This bought the woodpecker a lot of time which it consumed quite efficiently to fly very far up in the trees surrounding landscape. This gave the weasel no choice but to leave the war zone just as starved as it came in it. 

Weasels steal off baby birds from nests. When it couldn’t do so, it didn’t want to give up without a fight. After this came in a bird-enthusiast Jason Ward who wanted to be the first one to share this picture. He was amused to see the predator and the prey act like friends in the picture. What he did not know was the real story behind it.

Photo by Martin Le-May

After the experts had a look at it, the bird turned out to be an European green woodpecker, someone who makes a lot of noise when out hunting or even when resting in their nests.

These birds usually thrive on ants for their living and grow up to 8 to 9 inches long with a wingspan of 12-13 inches.

Another guy, Stebe Backshall, a wildlife presenter found it unusual that a woodpecker flew as it is not common, and that too with a weasel on its back.

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