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The Top 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old


The Top 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old

As time goes by, we realize that we let many of the things we really wanted to do shed away. This is where the regret sets in but it is important to remember that it is never too late to enjoy the things you love.

On the other hand, those who are young can also make a concentrated effort to tick off more items on their bucket list.

If you’re here looking for examples of what you’ll regret if you don’t do it when you are young, just scroll down for more:

1. Travel

As the years keep piling on, just the thought of travel will feel difficult, more so when it’s with your partner and children. Not only are you no longer as physically fit as you’d like to be, but also coming up with all that money is itself enough to discourage you. 

2. Languages

It is always easier to pick up new languages when we’re young. You’ll be regretting not paying more attention when you were being taught a second language in school. 

3. Relationships

Escaping a toxic relationship isn’t easy. Whoever does it will always wish that they had done it earlier rather than letting themselves be hurt for so long. 

4. Sunscreen

You might not think that sunscreen is especially important when you’re young but trust me, there are things much worse than a sun burn. Ranging from skin cancer to wrinkles, over exposure to the sun can cause a lot of problems when you get older. 

5. Concerts

No you won’t be able to see your favorite band live next time because there may never be a next time. 

6. Boundaries

Coming out of your comfort zone is scary but if you don’t, you won’t go very far. 

7. Exercise

When we’re young and able, we waste time being couch potatoes. Then when we reach our forties, we start regretting it. 

8. Gender

Just because things weren’t done a certain way before doesn’t mean you need to let these arbitrary gender roles define you.

9. A Horrible Workplace

Yes, money is necessary to life but you need to work on moving out of a shitty job and into a better one so that you don’t hate your life every day. 

10. Grades

It may not have been cool to care about your grades back then but they certainly play a role in where you’ll end up in the future. 

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11. Beauty

Conventional images of beauty are plastered all around us so we end up regretting our looks when we were young. But those were our peak days and we didn’t enjoy them as we should have. 

12. Expressing Love

It is always better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. You’ll never regret telling someone you love them. 

13. Parents

As annoying as it may have been then, your parents did have valuable insights to offer. 

14. Self Obsession

Honestly, you’ll just cringe every time you think about how you obsessed over yourself. 

15. Opinions

Trust me, when you’re older you won’t care at all about those people whose opinions mattered so much to you when you were young. 

16. Priorities

It is important to help others but doing it at the cost of your own dreams will only lead to regret in the long run. 

17. Moving On

Do it as quick as you can because all the time you spend holding yourself back will just be time wasted. 

18. Resentment

Not only is it an ugly thing, but you’ll also never get back those moments you spent hating the people you actually care about. 

19. Taking Shit

Always stand up for yourself. Always. 

20. Volunteering

Doing what you can to bring some light into the world will always make you feel happy when you look back on those memories. 

21. Dental Hygiene

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and checking in with your dentist; none of these will seem like too much work when you start losing teeth. 

22. Grandparents

They’re full of stories and important advice. Unfortunately, most of us don’t make good use of the time we have with them. 

23. Workaholism

Getting ahead in your career is important but not more important than time spent with your loved ones. 

24. Cooking

Having just that one dish which you can whip up for pot lucks makes these events more memorable. 

25. Appreciation

Focus on the present. Be glad for the life you’re living. You won’t get it back again. 

26. Finishing Things

We end up dropping many plans half-way. If you love something, see it through. The hard work will be worth it. 

27. One Trick Wonder

You don’t need to know many cool things. Just having one trick that will entertain the people around you will give everyone fond memories of you. 

28. Societal Norms

Culture and tradition are important but not when they’re holding you back from living your dreams. 

29. Letting Go

Even the best of friendships can come with an expiry date. Sometimes things change and it is best to let things go. 

30. Time For Your Children

Listen to the song ‘Cat’s In The Cradle’. You’ll understand. 

31. Leap Of Faith

You might fall and it will definitely hurt but at least you’ll know that you gave your best shot. 

32. Networking

Sure, you might think it’s all about sucking up but developing your goodwill among people is a skill that everyone needs to learn. 

33. Worry

Things are going to work out as they are meant to work out. Relax and go with the flow. 

34. Drama

Get out of it because it really isn’t going to help you in any way. 

35. Time With Family

We live fleeting lives on this planet. Make the best of it with the people you care most about. 

36. Performance

If you have a talent or a skill, don’t be afraid to perform for others. You’ll feel bad that you never got a chance to show off your talent when you get older. 

37. Gratitude

The rough patches may seem unending at times but, at some point, you’ll realize life is beautiful. It just may be too late to live up to that emotion. 

Live life to the fullest while you can because this is the only one you’ll get. Don’t let it slip through your fingers when you have the opportunity to hold on tight.

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