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Being Told You’re Appreciated


Being Told You’re Appreciated

We all like being appreciated, and whether you agree or disagree, this is a fact. But have you ever wondered why? What is it about being appreciated that affects us so much?

You’re a giving person. You give of your time, your resources, your advice, your love. How would you know if it’s helping to grow your life or if it’s making you feel unappreciated? Here are 4 signs to be more appreciated for your efforts:

1. Set A Good Example

Even though it should be obvious that appreciation is important, that isn’t always the case. So go ahead and set a good example, and show others exactly how to act. When we want something, it works well to mirror the thing we want to receive.

2. Expect The Best From Them

If people let you down in the past, you might grow to expect a lack of appreciation from them. While this is totally warranted, it still isn’t a good idea. In fact, you should be doing the total opposite. People often rise to your idealized treatment of them. So keep your hopes for appreciation high, and you will probably meet them.

3. Show Yourself Some Respect

Don’t go overboard with your acts of kindness in an effort to be more appreciated. Even though you probably have the best intentions, it can often backfire, and leave you feeling burnt out. “At times, it’s simply wiser to take good care of yourself first, so you can in turn be better (and truer) with others,” said Preston Ni, MSBA, on Psychology Today.

4. Drop Some Helpful Hints

In a perfect world, other people would be able to read your mind. But since that’s far from the case, it can help to offer up some examples of how they might appreciate you more. For example, if you feel like your partner takes advantage of your morning coffee making ritual, then say so. It’s better than keeping your gripes to yourself and hoping they’ll change.

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