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Mom Who Struggled With Infertility Shares Her Story

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Mom Who Struggled With Infertility Shares Her Story

About 20% of all couples will have trouble conceiving at some point in their life.

It’s a stressful and trying time for many people, but perseverance and tolerance may pay off in the end.

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After several years of trying, Desiree and Ryan Fortin decided to try in vitro fertilization. They asked God for help getting pregnant.

Desiree’s pregnancy news came not long after the IVF procedure. Nevertheless, she was carrying something the couple had no way of anticipating.

Desiree and Ryan Fortin, high school sweethearts who have been married since 2009, have been trying unsuccessfully to start a family for quite some time.

Desiree and her husband attempted for three agonizing years to start a family before turning to in-vitro fertilization because of her polycystic ovarian condition, hypothyroidism, and low progesterone levels.

Desiree kept getting her period instead of a positive pregnancy test. It was mentally exhausting work.

“[Infertility] brought me more tears than I ever thought I could shed…. I lay on my bathroom floor in complete emptiness after countless negative pregnancy tests time and time again. I had to endure shots, bruises, and all kinds of meds because when you are infertile and you seek fertility treatment for help, that is what you are in for. [It is] expensive and exhausting physically, emotionally, and mentally.”

So you can imagine how overjoyed Desiree and Ryan were when they heard the results of their first round of in vitro fertilization.

They were shocked to learn that the ultrasound revealed not one, but three developing infants. The happy news was that they were expecting triplets.

Unfortunately for Desiree and her loved ones, the fight continued.

Doctors told her she couldn’t have all the triplets live to term, despite the fact that she had finally gotten pregnant.

“I was too thin, too short, and it was my first pregnancy,” she recalls being told. “However, my hope wounds proved her wrong.”

In the summer of 2015, triplets Fortin entered the world. At 34 weeks and 1 day, Desiree gave birth through cesarean section.

The couple’s joy knew no bounds when they welcomed Sawyer, Jack, and Charlize, all weighing in at over 5 pounds.

”I’ll never forget my delivery day. Like all things involving parenthood, there were unexpected turns. After the triplets were delivered, Ryan went with them to the neonatal intensive care unit and I was sent to recovery‚” Desiree told Today.

Unfortunately, Desiree had to have emergency surgery due to difficulties and bleeding and missed out on seeing her darling children immediately away.

theperfectmom / instagram

But, Ryan FaceTimed with the new mother so that she could see her children. The three infants were discharged from the NICU after spending just two weeks there.

Ryan and Desiree were given the wonderful blessing of finally being able to settle down at home with their three children.

”We are blessed, but parenting is also a hard job filled with the greatest of responsibilities — caring for tiny humans. Our babies have severe reflux and colic — times three. Getting into a routine is difficult, as is maintaining your relationship amid crying babies, sleepless nights and a new routine,” Desiree said.

The triplets are now seven years old, and everyone in the family appears to be thriving.

Desiree’s Instagram has over 150,000 followers who keep up with their daily antics.

”I never imagined God would use our story to reach so many people. It has been an incredible experience,” she says.

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She also announced her second pregnancy to Ryan there. This lovely family of four is about to become a family of six!

Thank you so much for being so open and honest about your life, Desiree; I pray that your experience may be a blessing to other couples going through infertility.

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