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Leave A Glass Of Salt Water And Vinegar To Detect Negative Energies In Your Home

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Leave A Glass Of Salt Water And Vinegar To Detect Negative Energies In Your Home

Many people might have trouble believing that energy from other people might get stored in physical spaces. Many people also have trouble believing that the vibes we talk about are very real. But energy is real.

As humans, we are energy beings, and we are constantly absorbing as well as giving off energy. Constantly, even in our sleep.

It is only natural that the energy we give off will affect the immediate surroundings.

That is why we say that the vibe of a room is not all that good, or you felt that a particular room was very cheerful.

Every physical space has an energy imprint from its past owners and its current users.

If a person spends 8-10 hours every day muttering disgruntledly in his cubicle, that cubicle will become a reservoir of negative energy.

And when he goes away and the next person occupies that cubicle, that negative energy will impact this person as well.

As important as the office is, you might also want to turn your attention to your home, because houses too can store up a lot of negative energy. Your house, too, can be affected by negative energy.

It could either be from the family that moved out 20-30 years ago before you took up residence.

It could be from a year ago, when your marriage was going through a rough patch or you weren’t doing great at work.

Just because we cannot see all this energy doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Nobody questions kinetic or potential energy, do they?

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The only way we know about the science-sanctified versions of energy is by the effect they have on other objects.

We never see the energy itself; we see it in action. But if you pay close attention, you’ll see that human emotions also have an impact on energy.

As mentioned before, sometimes the moment you walk into a room, you suddenly feel all happy and your spirits are lifted, and that is because the room has positive energy or vibes. And the opposite is true as well.

Sometimes you’d walk into a room that was perfectly fine to look at, yet you didn’t feel nice walking in there.

Just like people have their own negative or positive vibes, homes too can have them.

Everything you do, whether it is a minor or huge fight, or if it is a happy dinner with lots of laughter, all your actions leave a permanent mark on your home.

So be very careful before lashing out on your children, your spouse, or even yourself. That thing will resonate in the future many times.

However, it is possible to cleanse your house of negative energy to some extent. One room at a time.

There is a very simple process you can do to cleanse your space of the negative energy that plagues it.

You will only need some white vinegar, some salt, and a little filtered water.

You can use these ingredients to make a sort of energy trap that will solidify the negative energy of a room to some extent.

Get a clear glass. Make sure that it is clean enough so that you can see through it. Put 2 tablespoons of white vinegar in it.

After that, add granulated salt to it—2 teaspoons.

Finally, put 16 ounces of clear and filtered water in it and mix everything well. For 60 seconds or so.

Now place this glass in whichever area of the house you want and leave it there for 24 hours.

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You will notice that the salt that was rising initially has settled now.

It means that it has captured the negative energy of its surroundings. You can repeat it in other rooms.

You can leave a comment and let us know about your experience and thoughts about this whole process. We would love to hear from you!

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