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Clean Your Liver And Burn Fat During Your Sleep With These 5 Ancient Drinks

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Clean Your Liver And Burn Fat During Your Sleep With These 5 Ancient Drinks

It is a very simple equation one has with their body. If you take care of it, it will take care of you.

Considering how important the liver is for the functioning of the body, it is extremely essential that one takes care of it.

The benefits of enjoying liquids at night are manifold. Apart from your liver being purified, they also reduce fat from your body, and ensure that you have a good sleep. The body stays at rest during the night, which makes this work.

1. Warm Lemon Water

Lemon improves the function of the liver, due to its strongly acidic quality. It works both in the morning and after sun down.


  1. One Lemon
  2. 180 ml of water

How to prepare it:

Heat the water until it’s hot, and then add lemon juice to it. Stir properly, and do not add anything else to it. Drink it 30 minutes before you go to bed, for 3 weeks straight.

2. Chamomile Intake

Chamomile tea is famous for its medicinal properties. As a powerful anti-oxidant, it helps in sleeping, and can be a good substitute for Ambien, or any other sleeping pill. It reduces stress, and helps in controlling the neurons that fire throughout the body.

It also reduces pressure from inflamed tissues, and muscles.


  1. 240 ml of water.
  2. One tbsp. of Chamomile flowers (buy here)

How to prepare it:

Boil the water, and after letting it simmer for some time, remove it from the heat. Put the chamomile flowers inside, and let it mix in with the water for 10 minutes. Drink it straight after that every day, for 2 weeks.

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3. Ginger and Lemon Tea

Containing a lot of Vitamins, Ginger and lemon also help in reducing those extra pounds that is not allowing you to wear your favourite dress. Anti-oxidant properties are enormous in it, which increases the metabolism rate of an individual, and also helps in curing cellulite.

Ginger removes waste, while lemon improves the immunity of a body, and provides relief from stomach bloating.


  1. A lemon half
  2. A ginger piece
  3. 240 ml of water

How to Prepare:

Heat up the water, and then put lemon juice and the ginger inside. Let it simmer for 15 minutes. And stir it properly. Drink this thrice before bedtime, for 3 weeks.

4. Oatmeal

Oats are perfect if you want to cleanse your intestines, liver, and provide relaxation for the body, because they are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber.


  1. One tbsp. of cinnamon powder
  2. Six cups of mineral water
  3. One cup of whole oat

How to Prepare:

Soak the oats overnight, if you would drink it in the morning. Else, soak it in the morning, and it would be perfect by the night. Wash them with clean water to remove the enzymes. Then, add the water along with cinnamon, and drink it quick.

5. Mint Tea

Mint is good for digestion, and also contains oils that excrete waste from the liver and the colon.


  1. 240 ml of water.
  2. 2 tbsp. of mint leaves

How to Prepare:

Put the mint leaves in water together and let them boil for two minutes. Then, let it simmer for a while for the water to fully get the properties of the mint leaves. Pour it into a cup, and drink it straight, without adding anything else. You should drink this every night, half an hour before you go to bed, for three weeks straight.

Your health is your own, and you need to take care of it. For, it is the greatest gift a human can possess – Life.

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