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10 Shocking Facts About Society That We Foolishly Accept As Normal

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10 Shocking Facts About Society That We Foolishly Accept As Normal

Humanity is on the fast track to complete doom and destruction. Don’t believe me? Just turn on your television or open any social media app.

There are countless stories of human depravity doing the rounds. It seems that no profession or even individual is left sans any blemishes.

So why is this happening, why are we destroying our planet without a second thought and turning over our fellow humans to the devil?

Here are 10 facts we believe to be true, but are only misconceptions which have led to our species’ downfall.

1. We have become stuck in the rat race to become as rich as possible. Those who have access to resources don’t mind exploiting them to the fullest, just to increase their revenue. No one seems to care about the impact on the environment or the ones who have to love without the most basic necessities so that we can have more.

2. The laws governing economic transactions too fall short when it comes to equal distribution of resources. It is again the underdog who has to fight for survival while the rich ones splurge and splurge without worrying about the consequences.

3. At first, there was just the earth and its land. Then we marked boundaries and divided ourselves into nations for a matter of convenience. And now we have so completely rooted ourselves into these divided identities, that we no longer recognize the inherent unity with everyone on the planet.

4. And in the same vein, we are ready to shed blood in the name of these social boundaries. We glorify war and don’t understand that when so many people die on both sides, no one emerges as the victor. There should be no glory in bloodshed.

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5. We don’t even consider animals as sentient beings. We murder and slaughter them, sometimes for their skin, sometimes for their body parts, and other times for our taste. We don’t even think and pause about the life that has gone into making our luxury handbag.

6. Is there anyone who has not complained about school curriculum being worthless in teaching about real life? And yet what do we do about it. When the same children become adults, they enroll the next generation in the same curriculum without a second thought.

7. We, as a society, are making children’s upbringing more about social status and a competition rather than what is genuinely good for the child. Parents are being shamed into enrolling their children into expensive courses or otherwise being made to feel like they aren’t being good parents unless they conform to current fads.

8. We are using the guide of religion to propagate hate and violence – two activities which are especially shunned by all religions. There have been too many interpretations and misreading of religion, which had lead to a lot of discrimination between the people. We all seem to have forgotten the main message of religion, and that message is peace.

9. People find glory in being strong to the point where it verges on cruelty. A little compassion or sentimentality is taken to be a sign of weakness and something to be shunned. We have forgotten how to be kind to our fellow human, all in a bid to prove better than everyone else.

10. This capitalist world has made us immune to the suffering of others. Even if someone discovers something which could help millions, they’d rather focus on their own personal gain and money. Such relentless pursuit of ownership means that even if there are ways to help others, these are not being made accessible to all.

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