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If You Spot These 9 Things, They Could Be Gifts Sent To You By a Deceased Loved One

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If You Spot These 9 Things, They Could Be Gifts Sent To You By a Deceased Loved One

The death of a loved one is a pain that cannot be expressed or understood fully by anyone else except those going through it. There are countless coping mechanisms for situations like these. However, sometimes human ingenuity pales in comparison to the spiritual touch.

Time and again we have heard instances of people receiving gestures signs from their deceased loved ones. These incidents aren’t isolated and have been reported from all over the world. The gestures could be random objects, but ones which hold deep meanings in themselves.

Listed below are 9 things which could be a gift sent to you by a deceased loved one:

1. Feathers

Finding feathers in your path could be a signal to you from the beyond. It signifies that your loved one watches over you, through all good and bad.

2. Seashells

‘…on the seashore’. Seashells are commonly found around beaches. Not so much beyond that. So if you spot a seashell in an unusual place, it might be a gift from a loved one who has passed away, signifying that they are still with you.

3. Pennies

The phrase ‘Pennies from heaven’ originates from this very realm of belief. It is believed that finding pennies could be a message from a loved one reminding you that you are valuable and loved.

4. Butterflies, Bees, Dragonflies or Hummingbirds

These tiny, but beautiful creatures could be an ethereal message for your soul. Pay attention whenever you spot them the next time, as they could be a signal from a loved one.

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5. Dreams

These could be the most easily understood signals of them all. Many times when we see a deceased in our dreams, it is them assuring us of their love, and/or providing us with answers we might be looking for.

6. Numbers

Repeatedly seeing numbers that hold some importance could be a signal too. It could be discreetly placed, but would mean a loved one sending you their love and the assurance of their presence.

7. Music

Music is a form of communication that transcends language, nationality and time. It also could be a message to you from deceased loved ones if you hear their favorite songs or the ones which remind you of them. It’s a gift of memory to you.

8. Body double

Very often we spot people in public who look so similar to a deceased loved one, that it’s impossible to differentiate. Closer inspection of course brings out the glaring differences, but it’s a message nevertheless. A reminder to you of the times you’ve spent together.

9. Orbs in photographs

If you spot a strange orb in the photograph of a deceased loved one, it could be a signal. A sign of them being near, and looking over you always.

Our loved ones never really leave us when they pass away…

They try to contact us through various mediums and you should look out for the signs listed above in order to understand what they are trying to say.

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