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Put Salt In The Toilet. This Is Something That Plumbers Will Never Tell You

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Put Salt In The Toilet. This Is Something That Plumbers Will Never Tell You

Do you have any experience flushing a glass of salt down the loo?

It is common practice in Japan to use salt not only as a seasoning but also as a cleaning agent in the kitchen and bathroom. How to accomplish this is detailed further down in the post!

1. An Overnight Odor Fix: Salt and the Toilet Bowl

Coarse salt in particular is excellent at eliminating odors, making it an essential component of any toilet cleaning solution.

A tumbler of coarse salt is deposited into the bowl of the toilet and left there overnight.

The salt effectively absorbs and masks any unpleasant scents.

The next morning, the entire bathroom is deodorized by pouring a kettle of hot water into the toilet.

2. Unclogging Wastes: Salt as a Drain Cleaner

Garbage can also be effectively cleaned using coarse salt.

Put more down the drain, just like you would with salt in the dishwasher.

Cover the entire bottom with salt if you wish to use it to clear a clogged toilet. The next morning, flush the drain with hot water.

Caution is advised, as a full bucket must be used in the toilet. It will be easier once you ring the bell to release the garbage.

3. Stain Removal with Salt: A Natural Alternative to Chemicals

In the bathroom, removing stubborn yellow stains off walls, tubs, and toilet bowls may be a real pain.

Instead of using harsh chemical cleaners, you may make a paste using half a cup of salt, one teaspoon of baking soda, and water, and it will do a far better job.

The afflicted areas should be treated with this paste and left on overnight. In the morning, give the treated areas a light scrubbing and a rinse to remove any residue.

4. Whitening

When cleaning or polishing ceramics, natural products are preferable.

Put some salt in the toilet bowl, either coarse or fine, and let it sit for a while.

The next step is to remove the grime with a brush or a dedicated toilet brush.

The edges will be brightened and sterilized throughout the process.

The Japanese Cleaning Method That Saves You Money and Time

Using salt as a non-toxic alternative to chemical toilet cleaners is a more convenient and affordable option.

This technique, which has been used for quite some time in Japan, has been shown to be effective in maintaining hygiene while keeping the cleaning process simple and economical.

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