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Melissa Gilbert Opens Up About Going Gray And What She Does To Feel Vigorous At 59

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Melissa Gilbert Opens Up About Going Gray And What She Does To Feel Vigorous At 59

Melissa Gilbert moved away from the Prairie, but she never really forgot it.

The creator of Modern Prairie and star of Little House on the Prairie takes life as it comes, much like the role she played.

The famous actress now tells Prevention how she really feels about getting older and having gray hair.

We’ve seen Gilbert’s grays before. She has been selling silver necklaces for almost ten years. “I love it, it’s my favorite thing ever. I actually cut 8 in. off of my hair, and they asked if they could keep my hair because they felt there were some customers that wanted to match my color,” she notes. “I love it and also I have so much more free time not worrying about coloring my hair. I let it grow out and match the root color about nine or eight years ago.”

Gilbert has taken a similar attitude with her gray hairs, accepting and even relishing the inevitable changes that occur with age.

“When I was younger not only was I always in a hurry…I didn’t really focus on self-care that much or being all that healthy because when you’re a kid and in your 20s I felt invincible, invisible is now invincible is then,” she jokes. “As I age I am more mindful about the exercise I do. You won’t see me in a kickboxing class now but you’ll see me in yoga or walking. I need to stretch and strengthen, and I need to support my bones which are going to become gradually more fragile at this point in my life.”

Here, food plays an important role. She explains that including food was a “natural progression” because of how integral food is to every culture.

“I am mindful about where my fruits and vegetables come from I am not a big fan of mass-produced grocery stocked stuff.” The 59-year-old woman actually tends her own garden and produces her own food.

She still enjoys eating, but her appetite has changed as she gets older. “I love food and I love to eat, I really really do. I plan my meals way ahead of what’s going to happen and what I feel like eating. I don’t deny myself anything but I’m mindful about eating too much of anything so I try to stay as balanced as I can.”

“As my body has changed the fuel it needs has changed as well. I also don’t eat as much, I need less fuel and more naps,” she says.

Instagram is the source for this material. You could find the same material in a different format, or even more material, on their website.

Modern Prairie is nourishing to her spirit and, by extension, her mind.

The star’s hideaway for experienced ladies and creative women has been well received.

The app for The Modern Prairie is now available, too. “The point of having this app was to remove our conversations on social media to a safer place. The app is a much safer place for our community to discuss sensitive issues that come up for women like me.”

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