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Do Not Let A Man Go That Does These 17 Things


Do Not Let A Man Go That Does These 17 Things

We’ve learned this the hard way – honest, dignified men are like freaking unicorns in today’s world! We are tired of being stalked by creepy guys who possess the most fragile samples of male ego. The superficial masculinity drives us crazy and makes us crave for men who know how to treat a woman with the utmost respect.

After interviewing several women online to refer to their tips and experiences, we’ve come up with an extensive list of 17 crucial traits of a man that make him a perfect person to be in a relationship with.

Excited? We are as well. Read on!

1. He doesn’t mind light-hearted jabs

He knows how to tame his male ego. When he is projected as the butt of ridicule, he never takes it seriously. He has no sense of insecurity and always presents himself as a confident man.

2. He makes you think and learn

He doesn’t nod with every single word of yours. He understands the context, asks counter-questions in return and forces you to think profusely about any given topic. He makes you extend the boundary of your knowledge.

3. He never gets jealous

He never incorporates jealousy in conversations. He’s happy about your success and empathetic about your rough phases. He never refuses to let you go out with your male friends. He is liberal.

4. He has a life of his own

Sure, he takes care of your feelings and desires when you two are together. But he also has a self-driven life of his own and is working hard to fulfil his own life goals.

5. He respects secrets

You can trust him with your life’s complicated details. He never lets you down by leaking gossip about you. Basically, he respects your privacy.

6. He lets you be yourself

He respects your bad days and mood swings. He doesn’t barge into your life when you just want to stay isolated. He doesn’t cook up drama about it later.

7. He is straightforward

He never entertains any sort of jargon in his words. He is upright about his feelings and is not afraid of anybody’s judgment.

8. He never looks down upon you

He treats you like a regular human being. He never poses as the superior being in the relationship. He doesn’t lose his self-respect to worship you involuntarily either. He keeps it balanced. And that raises his hotness quotient in your eyes!

9. He shares his life events with you

He always speaks enthusiastically about things happening in his life. He tells you about his dreams. He tells you about his distant goals in life. He projects himself as a man with a purpose.

10. He has the funny bone

Not literally, of course! But yes, he has a tremendous sense of humor and can make you smile even when things aren’t going particularly smooth.

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11. He points out your mistakes

He’s not afraid to confront and face the verbal war. He promptly points out to you if you’ve done something unforgivable. He’s an unbiased critique.

12. He doesn’t forget to value you

He knows your importance. He never fails to cheer you up with a fresh breeze of sweet talk to remind you of your awesomeness!

13. He doesn’t steal your limelight

Whenever you two are out together, he never puts you down to steal your limelight. Rather, he flaunts you to the world with a proud smile on his face.

14. He’s reserved and doesn’t babble

He respects others’ time and comes up with valuable inputs when it’s necessary. He doesn’t like to gossip because it’s not constructive.

15. He knows when to sacrifice his ego

He does not let his ego get in between you two. This way, he manages to stop a fight and restore peace again.

16. He is a realist who likes to dream as well

His feet are dug into the ground of reality. He doesn’t dwell in a make-believe world. But he still likes to dream realistically about his future!

17. He believes in mutual respect

He believes in the barter system of emotions. He listens to you and expects himself to be heard as well.

If you come across a man with these key traits, be certain that you’ve struck gold! He’s a bona fide gentleman with tremendous potential to be in a fruitful relationship with a strong, independent woman like you. Hold on to him and thank us later!

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