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The One Thing Men Always Get Wrong About Women


The One Thing Men Always Get Wrong About Women

Relationships are very intrinsic and sometimes they are completely impossible to comprehend. Deep down we all get lonely at times and wish we had someone to talk to. But finding someone who would really care for you is more difficult than being in a relationship. This is because people are very whimsical and it is very difficult to read someone’s mind.

Except for a handful of people, most people are very emotional. They put everything that they have in order to make the love of their life happy. But one day when you wake up and realize that the one person whom you cared about the most is gone, your world comes crumbling down. Your morale, self-confidence and self-esteem is completely shattered. Your heart is not in a condition to love someone anymore and you cannot afford to trust someone again. You find yourself alone, crying and pondering about the thing that you had and the only thing that you can do now is to let time heal the pain. But the funny thing is that time doesn’t heal all the wounds. It simply blurs the memories and makes your heart distant.

Believing the norms set down by the society and seeing all the elderly married couples, we believe that there is someone out there for us. But when you are in your late thirties and you still haven’t found anyone for yourself, you start to get the reality check and this scenario is applicable to both men and women. Both men and woman have very different approaches towards a relationship.

A man still looks for the right woman in a bar on a Saturday night and a woman still hopes to meet a good man in the middle of the street. After an exhausting week, men usually look forward to having quality time on weekends. He may be interested in just hanging out in a bar with his friends or hooking up with a special person at the bar.

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Hooking up is not always the main motive. Having quality time comes first but if the opportunity of hooking up with someone presents itself, then men usually take the opportunity. On the other hand, before going out on the weekends to have fun, women take a lot of time to get ready. This is because it matters how appealing they look on a Saturday night. Some women buy new clothes for every occasion like this and they take hours to get ready. These things show how differently men and women think when it comes to having a good time on the weekends.

It is all about attention and to be very presentable among the crowd. Women do want the attention of men and at a bar, men always approach those women who can stand out from the crowd. So, in a way, neither of the approaches is wrong. After spending hours to get ready, when a woman sees her man hitting on another woman, she is allowed to get a little frustrated. But most women, instead of creating a scene, shrink down and just start to doubt themselves. She would most definitely start to think that her sense of dressing up is really poor. She would think that she is the least pretty girl among the crowd. She would doubt herself and think that maybe she seemed to be very desperate.

The real issue with men is that they think that women have the same mentality as them. The man will also leave the second girl with whom he was flirting and he would make her feel the same way as the first girl. Both men and women are trying to have a quality time but their perspectives are very different.

This is one of the main reasons why we take a lot of time to find the right person for ourselves. Not every woman is strong enough to get over an emotional situation. Some struggle a lot and the others give in. This has a very bad influence on their lives. Their trust is gone; self-confidence gets shattered and it takes even a longer time to find the right person to be with.

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