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If You Do These 7 Things Don’t Be Surprised If You Are Still Single


If You Do These 7 Things Don’t Be Surprised If You Are Still Single

You just can’t help it. You promise to choose wisely before swooning over someone – every single time. And yet, you fall for the wrong person over and over again. Do you keep asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong? How do I choose the right person?”

Choosing your romantic partner is a task which requires intelligence, honest introspection and solid decisions. Sounds tough to you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Read on to know the 7 characteristic traits of a person which should be major red flags for you, all portraying the same statement – you’re with the wrong person yet again!

Here it goes:

1. Doesn’t know how to appreciate you

He has no idea how to genuinely appreciate your endeavors in life. He never acknowledges your achievements and tries to bring in a sense of weird competition to somehow prove that he’s superior to you. He laughs it off nonchalantly when you even try to complain about this! Love is not about competition. If you genuinely fall for someone, you must learn to appreciate the other person!

2. Cannot hold a serious conversation

He has no clue how to deal with the serious, real-life situations of the world. He does not care about important topics like money, savings, work, family, travel etc. He is not mature enough to manage himself, let alone a committed relationship with you! If your partner isn’t asking questions to support you emotionally, get you out of unforeseen troubles and/or get yourself to open up about your private life, he isn’t the one. You better realize it soon!

3. Does not know how to take care of you

When you are going through a rough patch at work, you expect to come back home and be taken care of by your partner. A simple plate of food, a hearty conversation to lighten up your day – it’s nothing too exotic. But if you find out that your partner does not really care about your feelings and your desires, it’s safe to say that you’re choosing the wrong person. Don’t compromise!

4. Acts in a condescending manner with everyone else

He might be a sweet speaker around you. But if you find him being unnecessarily rude with waiters, servants, drivers, friends and/or family (basically anybody he converses with), that’s a major red flag. You do not want to find yourself going out with someone who poses to make you happy. Do not stick around with a poser – find a partner who is self-sufficient and humble to everyone who deserves respect.

5. Is unnecessarily stubborn

He proclaims himself to be the one who is always correct. His opinions are apparently indispensable and you eventually surrender to them. Arrogance, to some extent, is beneficial for one’s own self-confidence. If arrogance is used positively, it’s a trait to be treasured! But if your partner is being unnecessarily arrogant about making decisions, he will eventually bring in huge trouble in your dating life. Stay away from extremely arrogant people!

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6. Loses his calm too soon

He just cannot hold on to his steady nerves when circumstances are adverse. He loses his mind over petty issues easily and screams. Statistics say that romantic partners who are more proactive than the reactive ones tend to experience stable relationships. An ideal partner should always learn to be proactive and think around the obstacle for a solution instead of losing his cool. This is a crucial trait. Are you taking notes, readers?

7. Does not think about his aims and ambitions

He does not quite think a lot about his future goals in life. Being a happy-go-lucky man is not attractive at all. One needs to be aware of his individual ambitions and dreams. But that’s not all. One also needs to nurture future ambitions for the mutual benefit of a relationship. That’s the integral trait of an ideal romantic partner.

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