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Relationship Experts Reveal 8 Warning Signals To Look For When You Start Dating Someone


Relationship Experts Reveal 8 Warning Signals To Look For When You Start Dating Someone

It’s a beautiful feeling when you fall in love and find a stranger to be like an old friend. New relationships always bring in various challenges and trials that both of the people involved should overcome together.

Sometimes, there might not be compatibility at first but that does not mean that you take fight or flight mode. If you feel that you have to compromise on your true self, then that is a red sign. It is difficult to forget someone you love but loving yourself is more important.

Here are 8 signals that are a sign for you to stop your relationship from travelling further down the track.

1. The wrong behavior seems justified

Don’t stay in denial of you partner’s fakeness. If you see yourself conforming to their wrong actions and trying to convince yourself that they are normal, and they are doing it because of a reason, then stop right there. Retrace your steps back to your gut feeling that might be giving you a red signal and telling you that what they are doing is harming your self respect. They might be nice with their family because they want to hold up a fake sweet “image” of themselves, when in reality they are the most toxic people on earth.

2. Don’t solve the issues of the relationship

When your partner is not willing to solve the problems that arise in your relationship, it is a red signal. When you put every effort in keeping the relationship stable but they do not participate and always ignore the crisis that come your way, then it is time to leave. Every relationship has problems. It is a part of life. When it is a healthy relationship, the partners solve their misunderstandings and talk it out. When partners do not participate equally, there is no use in the relationship.

3. When they disrespect your boundaries

When your partner forces you to do something you are uncomfortable with, break up immediately. When they do not respect your boundaries and push you to do a thing that does not agree with your rules, do not stay with them. If your partner cannot accept you with your perfections and faults, then they don’t deserve you.

4. When they act entitled

A relationship only works when both the people in it are cooperative. Love is another name for respect. Both of the people involved have to sacrifice little things in order to maintain the relationship. If only one person is cooperating while the other person always ignores their efforts, it becomes very poisonous. If your partner only uses you for their own benefit and you are the only person who keeps giving and do not receive anything in return, it’s time to break up. You have to get out of this maze before it’s too late.

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5. Listen to your instinct

If your gut feeling tells you that your partner’s actions are wrong and they are not normal, then listen to your gut. If they say something and do something else, and are not true to their words, then listen to your instinct and get away from them. They only think about themselves. If they always try to take control of your life then slow the pace of your relationship and end it. Your instinct never lies. If your instinct tells you that the relationship is suffocating, then get out of it.

6. If they are narcissistic

When you see that the relationship only revolves around your partner and they are like the center of the universe and they do not admit to their faults, it is a red signal. When you try to confront them about their faults and they use reverse psychology to make you feel guilty, it’s time to eradicate them from your life. They will never respect you or your concerns. They’ll always justify their faults. They always act as victims when they are the perpetrators of evil. They are devoid of empathy so just push that person out of your life. They are takers not givers.

7. When they criticize everyone

If your partner always disrespects their own ex and your exes, it’s a red signal. Your partner will always praise when they are in a relationship with someone but as soon as it is breakup time, that same person becomes bad in their eyes. If they always blame their ex for the breakup and never accept their own faults, then it is a red signal. You can tell a lot about your partner by how they speak about their exes. When they only see the superficial surface of everyone, without realistically accepting them, they are very toxic.

8. If they always find faults in you

If you feel that they always try to blame you for everything and find fault in you and hide things, it is a red signal. They are emotional manipulators who do not respect your feelings or emotions and always demoralize you. If they lie to you and treat you like their shadow, it’s time to let them know their real place, and that is outside your life. Love yourself and do not be deceived by the mask that they put on. All of their expressions are ultimately fake love and you need to get out of the maze as fast as possible if you want to retain the positivity in your life. You deserve better.

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