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10 Drastic Changes That Will Happen Once You Start To Live With Your Partner


10 Drastic Changes That Will Happen Once You Start To Live With Your Partner

Relationships, like every other thing in life, go through many phases. That thing about change being the only constant is quite true really. And every new phase is more exciting and yet can be a little bit unnerving as well.

You see, being in love with someone is a very different experience than living with them. Yes, you got it right now. We are talking about the changes you can expect when you decide to move in with the love of your life. This is definitely taking your relationship to the next level. But brace yourself for doing a few things a little different than the way you are used to.

1. Dinner Dates

Who doesn’t like going out on dates with your significant other? After a grueling week of work and nothing else, a romantic dinner is all you need to wind down. But after moving in together, these outing might become a lot less frequent and pretty spread out in between two dates.

2. Dressing up for Dates

In the beginning of any relationship, we put a lot of effort on how we look. We wear our best outfits and take special care of our personal grooming. However, having moved in with your partner shows a certain level of comfort with them. This means you no longer feel the need to always be at your pretties around them and clothes become much more casual and comfortable rather than fashionable.

3. The first thing you do upon waking up

When you are living away from your partner, they are the first thing on your mind when you wake up. Chances are you are already sending them a good morning text even when you are not completely awake. Living with them, they are right in front of you to give that morning greeting in person.

4. Relationship with pets

Admit it, her pets were downright aggressive when you first stayed overnight. Now that you two are living together, they have decided to give you a chance. But beware, they are watching you.

5. Meeting his friends

In the beginning, everyone is on their best behavior and you more or less get along with everyone. However, after moving in together, you’d be seeing a lot more of his friends and chances are that some of them might get on your nerves quite a lot. But don’t worry, the story is same on both the sides and all of us have to find the middle ground.

6. Meeting her friends

In the beginning you might get quite unnerved with the perfect spice girl gang vibes her group throws. But with frequent sleepovers, gossip sessions over wine and other impromptu house calls, you’ll see that these ladies are as fun and as gross as your guy gang. There was no need to be intimidated by them at all.

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7. Horror movies and other scary stuff

Horror movies can be the perfect icebreakers for new couples dealing with the awkwardness of new intimacy. However, when you are living together, you’d find them a lot more fun for the thrill value, now that the snuggling comes much more naturally than pre-planned.

8. Waiting for them to get ready

In almost all the couples, one person is a lot more punctual than the other and it is okay. If you’re the punctual one, you’d find that the only change in your life is that, instead of waiting for the love of your life at a restaurant or a movie theater, you are waiting for them sitting on the couch and listening to them getting ready.

9. Overall cleanliness

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean to imply that living together turns people into absolute slobs. It is just that in the beginning of a new relationship, people still tend to make more efforts in putting their best foot forward. If that means cleaning their room and wardrobe periodically, good for them. However, many find that once they start living together, they don’t feel the need to always appear perfect and in control of their affairs.

10. Home

Now, you always have someone to come home too. Earlier, while out on a date, you’d always dread that moment of parting. Well, you don’t have to worry about saying goodbye anymore because you are going home with them.

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