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If Someone Does These 15 Things With You, Do Not Let Them Go


If Someone Does These 15 Things With You, Do Not Let Them Go

Dating nowadays is a process of trial and error, with errors predominating. These errors often make us impervious and leave us cold, with distrust and in worse cases, disbelief. Recognizing the “one” is complicated and tricky. But like always, there are ways. The other person’s demeanor combined with the willingness to do certain things with you and for you is a more or less a sure sign. If they manage to do even ten out of these fifteen things for you, it is indeed a sign.

1. They are really into this

Commitment, simply! They would stop sowing their wild oats, or even thinking about it. They would like being with you just for the simple reason of it feeling just right.

2. They know you inside and out

Ostensible appearances matter – yes, but to them your intelligence, your personality, your wit, your sense of humor will matter much more than just the way you look. They really know you, and truly love you.

3. They pay attention to you

Having someone really listen to you is sometimes enough to make you fall for them and for good enough reason. Having someone not dismiss you and ignore you is a big thing and you just don’t find that in random people. If they pay attention to you, it is a sure sign that they are into you, as much as you are into them.

4. They wouldn’t mind going out of their way for you

You will find them cancelling their plans to be with you, which is of course flattering and highly validating for anyone. You will also find them doing things that they didn’t have to do for you, but they did anyway.

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5. Taking care of you isn’t a problem for them

Being weak, ill, vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness on your part – it’s just a way of life. They won’t blame your for it. Instead, they will do everything in their power to take the hurt away. If it’s a physical illness you tell them about, don’t be surprised to find them at your door.

6. Being with you is everything to them

They won’t judge you for the idiosyncrasies you have been judged for. Instead, they will love you a little bit more just because of those. It is those tiny eccentricities that make a person unique, and they realize the fact that you are you because of those little defects, if they can be called that.

7. Respectful

They are mature enough to know that every relationship depends on mutual respect and love. While expecting the same from you, they will not hesitate to tell you that they respect you and your opinions.

8. Both of you are going the extra mile for each other

Going the extra mile is no big deal if you are with the right person. And this relationship will feel just right, no matter how much time has passed.

9. They show you their vulnerable side

Everyone has their kryptonite, and for them you are the Lois Lane who they need to say this to. They will express their insecurities and weaknesses to you and expect solace and comfort from the act. Make sure you don’t disappoint when the time comes.

10. Life with you is the one they want

Commitments like moving in together or marrying will come natural to them, because you are the one they have been waiting for.

11. They are comforting

My friend who has been married now for 18 years to his girlfriend from high school uses a very nice phrase to describe his wife: “She feels like home“. And indeed they do, if they are the one.

12. They can’t see you feeling down

They will do whatever it takes to reverse the situation, including cracking really immature jokes at their own expense. Pretty much anything, just to see you happy.

13. They know when you are pretending

They can read you like a book. They will love you for the person you are. Try something different and they will call you out for it.

14. They don’t lie to you

Their word to you is sacred. They won’t be making promises they can’t keep. If they do however, be sure, it will be fulfilled.

15. Trust

You trust them with your life and they trust you with theirs.

That’s that.

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