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14 Warning Signs He’s Playing You For a Fool


14 Warning Signs He’s Playing You For a Fool

1. He doesn’t call you when he said he would

Life is very hectic and when two adults are in a relationship, they need to work hard to support their relationship. It may happen so that the guy fails to call you back at the time he said he would due to work pressure. Once or twice is acceptable but, when it starts happening on a daily basis, the girl should take the hint that the guy is not interested in her.

2. He is often late and does not even call to let you know

People are always late. It may be because of traffic, work, health issues etc. No matter how late we get, it doesn’t take much time for a person to make a quick phone call and make the loved ones aware of it. If your man does not do so then it means that he has lost interest in you and he is not at all concerned about you.

3. He doesn’t show up at all when you have plans to see him

Girls love fancy dinners, shopping, watching movies etc. But they love it more when they have a partner to accompany you. If you make a plan with your man and inform him way back and yet he ditches you on the final day, then it means that he has lost interest in you. If you still don’t leave the guy and move on, then you will be emotionally vulnerable.

4. He has rules about how often he can see you

Every individual must have their own space. It is important for a healthy relationship. The guy can have “meeting with bosses” and “dinner with colleagues”, but when these outings impose a restriction on the number of times he can meet you, then it means that at the back of his head, he is looking for something better and not you. and he is not considering you his priority.

5. He knows way more about you than you know about him

A relationship is about sharing all your secrets and letting the person know exactly what kind of person you are. When you find that you are the only one sharing, and the guy shares very little as compared to you, then it means that the guy doesn’t want you to be a part of his life.

6. He doesn’t tell anyone about you

Every girl wants to be loved by his man. They want their partner to be proud of them. They want to be introduced to the guy’s family, friends and colleagues. But when you are being kept as a secret, and the guy did not even tell his parents, then it is time that you realize that the guy does not want you in his life.

7. He doesn’t invite you to meet his family ever

In a good relationship, there comes a time when the girl wants to meet the guy’s parents so that she can get to know them and see whether they like her or not. Most of the guys are very scared of doing this and they might refuse during the first few times but then eventually cave in. But when the girl never gets to meet the parents, and the guy always refuses for her to meet them, then it means that the guy has lost interest in her and it is best if she leaves him.

8. He doesn’t spend holidays with you

In a relationship, vacations are very important. Both the parties work all day and don’t have much time for each other. Vacation is the only thing that might bring them close again and reignite the emotional and physical bond. But if he doesn’t want to do so, then it means that he is bored of you and you should leave him.

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9. He’s got lots of female friends and makes sure you know this

When the guy boasts about the so-called “platonic” relation that he shares with the females friends, all the time, just to make you jealous, then you must take the hint and leave the guy as he is not interested in you.

10. He doesn’t tell you what he is doing, where he is going or when he will be back

Keeping a girl troubled and guessing isn’t a very good thing. If your guy is doing any of this then it means that he doesn’t need your concern anymore and it’s a sign that you should leave him.

11. He doesn’t talk about his plans for the future with you

In a relationship, talking about the future is very important. If your guy never brings up the topic, it means that you are not in it and hence you should move on.

12. He lets you know he had a life without you and he still has a life without you

This is the biggest insult a girl can get. When a guy says this, it means that the girl is meaningless to him and his life and having her is the same things as not having her.

13. You feel like if you could change yourself and not be so needy, this would all work out

If ever in a relationship you feel that you are letting the guy down, it’s the biggest mistake that you can ever make. You should never underestimate yourself.

14. You know way more about him than he knows about you

It implies that he is not very interested in knowing about you, as at the back of his mind you don’t exist for him. You should get the sign and leave the guy immediately.

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