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9 Signs You Are Emotionally Single In Your Relationship


9 Signs You Are Emotionally Single In Your Relationship

Nobody wants to feel lonely or be alone. But sometimes even the worst happens. You are in a loving relationship yet you feel alone and lonely every time. This is a highly toxic feeling and steps should be taken to do something about it in the correct time.

Here’s how you will know if you are emotionally single or aren’t:

1. Your partner is unable to share your happiness with you

This shows that things are no longer working between you both. If he isn’t happy in your achievements or entertainments, he can no longer connect to you. This is disheartening but true. People in love usually reach a certain high when their partners conquer something great. If he doesn’t act like that, probably he isn’t resonating with you.

2. Your partner is unaware of the reason for your sadness

It is your partner’s duty to feel concerned for you. If the opposite happens, it probably means things aren’t the same anymore. You are living together under the same roof, yet he is unaware of the cause of your bitterness, anger or sadness and moodiness. This isn’t love. This means he has alienated you or has distanced himself from you emotionally.

3. You genuinely don’t know what’s going on inside your partners head

As sad as the reality may strike, such a condition can turn off the love between you both. Your partner no longer ensures you a sense of belonging. He stays aloof from you, doesn’t share his thoughts, fears, wishes and desires with you anymore. He keeps you in the dark when it comes to matters about you, or is no longer vocal about them, and you are more likely to feel alone in this relation.

4. You are the only one who takes all the initiatives

A healthy relationship requires effort from both sides. But if it happens that you are the sole one taking all the responsibility of keeping you both engaged, entertained in order to push the relation ahead, this superficiality must stop. He may no longer feel the same for you. This also becomes clear when he no longer surprises you or plans a romantic evening together because these little gestures are a beautiful reminder of the bond and memories that you share and cherish.

5. You are always doubtful whether you are good enough for your partner

This usually happens when your relationship, which had started in a completely different mood, ends up on a rough road. Your partner has changed, he is no longer attentive, loving, over sensitive and understanding, but is rather cold, bitter and misjudging you. If you are consistently second-judging yourself, you are no longer yourself. You are giving up your own value for the sake of someone else, only to please someone else.

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6. Your partner turns into a bad listener

Effective communication is lacking from your relation. This is a sign that you are emotionally aloof from your partner. Both people should be given space to speak, as well as listen. However, if the opposite only happens, where he does all the talking, speaks over you, misjudges you without allowing you a chance to defend yourself, he no longer cares about you. You hardly matter to him anymore. After seeing their reactions, you regret having shared something with him.

7. The relationship has become a drag

The relationship has become more of a responsibility than involving love. You have tried all ways to bring back that feeling in your togetherness again, but nothing seems to fall in place. If you are the one who’s always concerned and giving effort to find all the solutions to your problems, it’s evident that you have been emotionally sidelined.

8. You keep wondering if there is a third person between you two

Sometimes such attitudes take birth from instances of infidelity. Maybe your partner has found love somewhere else. Maybe he has made up his decision to move on after breaking up with you. You always think that he has no more affection left for you and it is all meant for somebody else now. You feel guilty about doubting him but you cannot help. Still it hurts because it is hard to believe him anymore.

9. You are afraid of your partners reactions

Your partner may begin acting weirdly. He always blames you and never compliments you at all anymore. He may doubt you, and never says that he loves you anymore. So you fear to disclose your feelings to him because you fear he may react in a manner that may change his mind in a way that he ends things between you drastically. This shows how lonely and alone you feel, struggling to cope with your own issues lingering in this relationship.

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