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15 Early Warning Signs of Someone Who is a Potential Abuser


15 Early Warning Signs of Someone Who is a Potential Abuser

Abusers and bullies are cowards and weak people who don’t have the guts to face society, nor the reality. They are the most toxic people that should be healed or helped by professionals in an instant.

As a matter of fact,More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male, according to The Guardian.

Abusers and narcissists behave exactly in the same manner. They think they are the only humans who deserve to exist.

If you feel that someone close to you is exploiting you and abusing you, push them away.

These are the common things that they generally do:

1. Defensive

They are cowards and suffocating and always defend their vicious acts which can cause enormous damage to us. Don’t put up with these.

Their wrong doings are always defended by them. Because they want to get away with it, they always have excuses ready to justify their pathetic behaviors.

They blame others because they are too fearful to accept their faults.

2. Never respect the people you love

They always shame you for your origin when they are no more than pathetic insects.

They disrespect your family and loved ones.

They will always lash out on you and your loved ones and strain your relationship with them.

3. Turn on your friend

They hate seeing you happy and insult your friends and try to shame you. Push this toxic people away.

They try to create rumors and misconceptions to ruin your friendship because they are selfish and cannot stand seeing anyone happy.

They will try to isolate you from the loved ones because they hate anyone being happier than them.

4. Maintains no boundaries

They never respect boundaries and apologize to start their pathetic behavior again.

Normal people know their boundaries, but these people do not respect tha

. They always cross the line and irritate everyone around them.

They are always disrespecting everyone and their comfort zones.

5. Always their way

These people are narrow-minded and always think that their warped up opinions are right.

Don’t put up with them because they never value others or their boundaries.

They always shut down other people’s opinion and do not even listen to their voice.

They only listen to their own opinions that are not even healthy.

6. Always raging

Irrational anger and spiteful answer is their forte.

They are angry at everything because they know they don’t deserve any love.

Abusive people look for conflicts because they are sadists.

They’ll anger anyone who is in their life and start a quarrel because they like exhausting others.

7. Possessive

They are very possessive to the level of suffocating others and are toxic in general.

They hate privacy and cannot see you being happy without them.

They’ll make you feel that you are needed and that you cannot do anything without them.

They will hate everyone who takes you away.

8. History of violence

They were always violent from their childhood.

Before getting acquainted with them, if possible, see what their family says.

9. Manipulate

They play the victim card and tell you that they will be upset if you leave but never give you space as if they own you. Get out now.

They will try to control your life as much as you let them and make you feel claustrophobic.

10. Jealous

They are the most jealous pricks in the world who think they can do whatever they feel like.

Abusers are insecure people and jealous of everyone.

The people who are honest and have an identity are never intimated by others.

The abusers always find someone else and their talents intimidating.

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11. Fast to commitment

They are cowards and need someone to dump their garbage on. So they commit faster and ruin people’s life.

They just don’t think before doing anything and take rush commitments because they just want a dumping place for their pathetic behavior.

12. Not sensitive

They are sensitive for their own sentiments but blind to other’s sentiments and don’t think of them as human beings. They never take anything lightly and always get affected by the smallest things and accuse other people of hurting them. They are arrogant.

13. Liars

They are big fat liars and whine about everything.

They almost never tell the truth in their whole existence, and they will try to cover the truth and tell heaps of lies.

Their lies are so superficial that you will see right through it.

14. Very Needy

They are suffocating, clingy and needy people who torture other people.

They always act like they are victims.

They make you feel guilty and make you pity their life.

15. Boast about anything and everything

Narcissists are the abusers at the end of the day. They think everything is their own and boast about everything.

Please throw away their existence from your life.

They always boast about their trivial achievements so that people compliment them.

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