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10 Reasons Why Most Women Are Attracted To Bad Boys


10 Reasons Why Most Women Are Attracted To Bad Boys

Every woman knows the consequences of dating a bad boy, but they are always attracted towards them. There is something about them which women cannot resist.

Here are the 10 reasons why women fall for bad boys:

1. They are more fun

Bad boys like to live on the edge. They don’t plan out their future. They are very spontaneous and make impromptu decisions. They improvise on their way through life. They are very adventurous and they don’t think twice before making a decision. Their ability to deal with situations is great. They would rather face the consequences than waste their time thinking.

2. They are more attractive

When it comes to looks, bad boys have the full confidence to pull it off. They take pride in the way they dress or how they carry themselves. Whether it is a suit or even a denim jacket, bad boys can pull it off with equal charm. They can get dirty and then clean themselves up in a second. They just do it for themselves and they don’t care if others are not impressed by it.

3. Blame it on evolution

Bad boys meddle with danger a lot. They are not afraid of anything in their lives. This attracts women a lot. They don’t think and if something goes wrong, they just boldly deal with the situation, and every time they come out winning with a smile on their face. Bad boys are those who can deal with the toughest of times and also promise their progenies to have the same genes.

4. They feed your ego

The rebellious nature of men is always welcome. Bad boys will give you the attention that you crave. They have no expectations from you and they won’t stick around long enough to see your reactions and you know that very well. This somehow makes an interaction with a bad boy very intense and unique.

5. Your daily dose of dope

During an early stage in a relationship, the human brain releases two types of chemicals, namely, dopamine and serotonin. As the relationship blooms with time, the human brain also releases a love chemical called oxytocin. The human brain requires both in order to survive. We can get love and affection from friends and family but, when we are with a bad boy, then the daily dose of dopamine increases.

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6. Your ovaries are biased

Most women cannot stop pondering over the wrong men who are not right for them. It is because of their ovaries and the ovaries make them believe that the best looking guy is also the right guy. This misleads women into making the wrong decisions in their lives.

7. They want to be the one to change them

Women like having the authority and they also like to have a sense of purpose in a relationship. They take immense pride and an acute sense of belonging when they try to change the bad boy they have met. They believe that there is good in everything and that the right techniques can change a man. But research says that eighty percent of women have failed in doing so and most of them have themselves turned into a bad girl.

8. They love the drama

Bad boys like playing with women’s hearts. They are not straight-forward. They will make a woman wait. They beat around the bush and never give the girl a straight answer. They will only give the girl attention from time to time. They will fight and argue as much as they can with the woman. Somehow, women like this drama and it makes them more attracted towards these bad boys.

9. They have low self-esteem

Bad boys are very narcissistic in nature. They have a very high sense of self-importance. Science shows us that people who are attracted towards narcissistic people are generally people who have a very low self-esteem. They don’t get the validation from other people which they desire. This brings down the self-confidence. This is the reason why such woman sticks around bad boys, just to get validated.

10. They play out a fantasy

Bad boys have many plans up their sleeves. Women love crazy, spontaneous stories and they get a high amount of adrenaline rush through them. Bad boys are a perfect blend of dark and sweet maneuvers that carry out the perfect fantasy for women.

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