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Use These 5 Phrases To Make Any Man Feel Crazy In Love With You


Use These 5 Phrases To Make Any Man Feel Crazy In Love With You

Ever wondered how do few women make any guy go completely ‘gaga’ over them? To an extent where they do the most embarrassing things for her?

There are so many amazing women doing everything right, but they are still not able to receive the devotion or love they desire.

What these women don’t know is that it’s not enough to look gorgeous, cook amazing stuff or be charming. There is an element which determines how a man falls for a woman. That element is “emotion”.

You read that right. You need to be emotionally in-tune with him. More than his logical part, you need to get in sync with his emotive one. Now the question is, how do you do THAT?

Here are a few things to say in order to connect better with him and watch him fall further for you:

1. “I’m proud of you.”

He could be a dutiful son, a hard-working employee or plain amazing with the kids. Maybe people around him realize this, but how many times is he lauded for that? When was the last time someone praised him for taking care of his aging parents? Remember, just like you, he craves to be understood. Society forces men to suppress their emotional needs. He also needs support and some sort of security, which should be provided by someone he loves.

Pamper him at times, plan a small surprise. It can be anything – his favorite meal, his treasured movie, a small vacation. Make him feel exclusive!

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2. “I want you now!”

This four-word phrase is enough to make a man drool over you if you do it right. Men love it when you participate. It makes them feel wanted, and who doesn’t like being wanted? Just like women, men feel more confident when you compliment them and make them feel sexy.

3. “You make me SO happy.”

Everyone loves success. Just as people like being successful in their professional lives, they also wish for an equally fruitful personal life. Men love pleasing their ladies; it’s a fact which is not widely known. Letting your man know that he’s succeeding with you will only make your relationship better. It’ll boost his confidence and make him look for different ways to please you.

4. “You look great.”

Imagine the disappointment you feel when someone you love doesn’t acknowledge your effort. You went on a diet; hit the gym regularly only to get ignored later. Think now, how would your man feel if you did the same thing? He too is insecure at times. When was the last time you complimented his dressing sense? Ever wondered how do those abs remain in shape? Men want to know that you’re attracted to whatever they have to offer to you, especially their manly bits.

5. “I love how strong you are!”

All the guys like it when their partners appreciate them. Whether he’s a lifter or not, he will love it if you think he’s strong. Furthermore, tell him that he’s mentally strong too. They need to be wanted when you choose to lean on them.

Words really have a way of affecting others. After all, we are the only species gifted with speech. Use these small phrases and see how they intensify his love for you!

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