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6 Signs You May Need To Let Go Of The Man You Love


6 Signs You May Need To Let Go Of The Man You Love

Yes, I agree, relationships are a miraculous happening in anyone’s life. However, when a relationship doesn’t work, it means it wasn’t meant to be.

Relationships are as fragile as mirror cracks. A simple misunderstanding, disagreement or lack of compatibility can bring its end. Although it is hard to stomach the fact, the reality should be accepted.

All relationships aren’t destined for greatness. Happy endings may seem like a myth in some failed relationships. Sometimes the love and understanding may be ample; still it may lack the charm. And as hard it is to believe that its happening, accepting the truth as it is allows you to get over it fast enough.

Relationships are hard but that is absolutely fine because nothing in life comes easy. To expand your bond, trust and compassion should be high, the exertion of equal effort and love from both is essential. Don’t dishearten yourself if things don’t work out as expected because there is always something good to look forward to.

Facing the ensuing confrontations or arguments in your relation boldly ensures its survival. You have to fight for your love, because it’s love and it’s worth fighting for.

But sometimes it is best to distance yourself from some toxic relationships.

When your relation takes an immense toll on your mental and physical health, that is when you should quit things. Because love cannot be forced, love cannot be molded, love cannot be selfish.

Here are 6 ways to know when its time to move away from your partner or that ‘he’ is no longer suitable for you:

1. Your fights are endless

Arguments in a relationship are one thing. Daily confrontations are another. They ruin the very essence of a healthy, lovely relation. Continuing with the old arguments again and again shows your compatibility level and emotional maturity is declining. You cannot handle issues with maturity and there’s evident lack of trust. Without a healthy conflict resolution, the friction seems endless. This is a clear sign your relationship is going downhill.

2. You are the single person to put all efforts and everything goes in vain

Nothing, nothing can please your partner any longer. He is distancing himself from you. He no longer pays you any attention and is always caught up in his own private world. This is ruinous. The communication becomes weak and things begin to fall apart. The Togetherness is no more. This is another clear sign that the man is slowly changing and isn’t interested to be with you any longer. This is the time you should call it quits.

3. Personal issues are becoming big hurdles between you

It’s true that everyone deserves and should be given their own space. But when personal troubles begin to interfere in your love life, the hassles increase. The timing is bad and you cannot adjust properly. You continuously fight over elements from your personal world. The balance is disharmonized. This is when you should break up and move away. Because it is always better to take the correct step at the correct time.

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4. Your future together looks bleak

Whenever you picture your relationship together, everything seems faded. Because the love itself has faded between you both. You can no longer agree to where you are both heading as a couple. When the future seems bleak, the present holds no value too. So end your relationship immediately if your partner is unwilling to spend his future with you.

5. The trust is no longer strong

Once there is a breach of trust, you can no longer trust your man anymore. This is one of the key elements for any relationship to go strong. When this lacks, the bond weakens and things fall apart. As trust ends, the compatibility ends, there aren’t any sacrifices or adjustment, you always tend to keep an eye on him, misjudged him flirting with other girls etc. This highly disrupts a healthy relation. So ask yourself if you can trust him any longer and take decisions accordingly.

6. This relationship has worsened your own personal life

If your current relationship is affecting your life hugely, you should call it quits. Nothing is above your own life. You need to keep sound, both mentally and physically. The man who loves you will never let your personality be affected or hurt you. Your surroundings, the people you spend your time with or the person you fall in love with influences your attitude, behavior and actions. Hence, if any relationship seems toxic to you, move away from that man forever, for your own good.

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