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When Women Say These 15 Sentences Here’s What They Really Mean


When Women Say These 15 Sentences Here’s What They Really Mean

Women are first and foremost humans. Every human being is complicated and they have several layers.

Understanding humans is practically an art. It needs a lot of practice and attention. In order to understand women, one needs to have patience and give attention to what they are saying. Nothing is complicated if you really see it. You just have to pay attention.

Everyone has different dimensions to their personalities that are difficult to comprehend. But if one really respects them and pays a bit of notice, it is not that difficult to decipher a person.

Here are the things that women say and what they really mean:

1. ‘Do what you want to do’

Abort mission immediately. Do not do what you were going to do. She might want to spent time with you and might be feeling ignored, and this is her subtle way of showing it. Just spend some time with her.

2. ‘I want space’

This might mean that you were too overwhelming for her and did not give her privacy and she wants some time alone. This might not be such good news for you but you should not nag her about it. Give her some time.

3. ‘You don’t need to….’

She might be saying that you don’t need to do something for her out of courtesy. She is just being humble. Women love small gestures of love and want to get back the love that they give. So give her the love she deserves.

4. ‘Do I look fat?’

Never say ‘yes’. You should love her for her personality and encourage her in every step. You support her and always appreciate her beauty. If you are concerned for her health then talk to her but never insult her in any way.

5. ‘Fine’ in capital letter tone

The way she says it and her body language says a lot. If it’s a short and abrupt ‘fine’, then do not leave her alone. She might be angry and you need to sit and talk to her.

6. ‘I don’t feel hungry’

This is a confusing phrase. She might be confused about her choice or she might not be hungry. She might want your food and want you to share it. The situation matters.

7. ‘I am not angry’

She is definitely angry. She wants you to apologize for what you might have done and expects you to own up to it. Wait till she is calm and speak to her about it.

8. ‘Is she pretty?’

The real question is whether you find her less pretty than another person. If you love her then say that she is always more prettier. You can compliment your loved one.

9. ‘I am almost done’

She is not done. She will take some time to get ready because she wants to look good for you. She is doing an effort to look beautiful for you so you should be patient and wait for her to get ready.

10. ‘We need to speak’

She is clearly annoyed and needs you to listen to her. Be considerate and listen to her concerns without complaining about it. Maybe there are some issues you both need to solve and she is brave enough to confront that.

11. ‘Let’s talk about this later’

She is angry. She needs to calm down to resolve it properly. Give her the time she wants without nagging about it.

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12. ‘It is pretty’

She is polite enough to not refuse the gift but she might not be interested to use it as she does not like it that much but she loves your effort and would treasure it.

13. ‘I like sense of humor’

She does not like lame jokes and wants intelligent conversation where there is an actual use of intellect. She wants to have deep conversations with the one she loves.

14. ‘I am exhausted’

She is actually exhausted and does not want to engage in anything at the moment. She is a human at the end of the day so let her rest and leave her alone for some time. Unwind together and rest.

15. ‘No means no’

There are no double triple or quadruple means hidden in this phrase. A ‘no’ means a clear No. She does not want to do something or is saying no means it is time to respect her as a human and treat her like a human. Whatever be the situation, if she says ‘no’, then you need to respect her boundaries and give her the space that she deserves.

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