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Wedding Photographers Reveal 8 Signs A Marriage Won’t Last


Wedding Photographers Reveal 8 Signs A Marriage Won’t Last

Wedding photographers see it all. They are the only people who keep eyes on everyone and they capture every moment.

They always look out for signs which tell them whether the couple is going to be a happy one or not.

Below are some red flags shared by professional wedding photographers from around the world which indicate that the couple won’t make it to their happily ever after:

1. No interest in taking photographs by one of the partners

Not everyone likes being photographed. But when a person, the groom or bride, decides not to, even on the most important day of their lives, then it breeds trouble. Once a photographer was hired by the groom to cover the wedding and when he came over to meet them, the bride shouted at him as he had pointed the camera towards her. That day did not go as smoothly as he thought it would and a few months later they got divorced. Couples should embrace photography, even if one of them does not like to be photographed. Maybe this is the key to a long happy relationship.

2. 20% of the guests do not show up for the wedding

Guests include all the people you have been close to in your life: your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors. They know the couple really well and when 20% of them don’t turn up for the wedding, it’s a subtle way of letting the couple know that they are not compatible with each other. A photographer had once gone to a wedding where the couple had invited approximately 150 guests, out of which only 45 guests showed up. They had already paid for all the plates and asked the photographers if they wanted to call their family as well, otherwise, there would be a lot of wasted food. A few weeks later the couple got separated.

3. The chemistry is not natural

People click photographs in order to capture the most important moments in their lives. In today’s time, no one really cares about the essence of a good picture. All they care about is looking good when they share the picture on social media. One partner overcompensating for the others lack of interest in clicking the photo is not what true love signifies. It misses out on the emotional connection and natural chemistry that should exist between couples.

4. Fights among the bridal parties

Photographers are very professional in nature and when they get disturbed or disrupted by foolish things like fights among the bridal parties, they get very annoyed. Once a photographer was almost about to reach the venue with his team and then he got a call from the bride saying that the wedding is canceled. It was canceled as there was fighting between long-term friends and families and also that the best man had slept with the maid of honor. It was a complete chaos and reflects no harmony and understanding between the bride and the groom.

5. Not being on the same page about finances

Once a couple came to a professional wedding photographer and asked him to cover the wedding. On the same day, the photographer received a call from the groom saying that the budget for the wedding is almost double than it was at the beginning and it was getting too much for him to bear. A few days later the wedding was called off and the couple separated. Finance is a very important thing in our lives but we should not let it come between our happiness.

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6. Making sarcastic digs at each other while taking photos

Making jokes with your partner and then laughing about it is really very good but too much of it is not very helpful. When we make jokes about everything and every time, then mostly the truth comes out unknowingly and then it breeds trouble for the couple.

7. The relationship is built on physical attraction only

Physically being compatible with your partner is very important but when that is the only thing that keeps a relationship going then it is called lust and not love. Photographers have come across couples who want their pictures to be very sexy or closely intimate, regardless of the innocence of love. Many of them are not a couple anymore.

8. They hardly spend much time together at the reception

It is very normal for couples to be excited about the reception. They walk around together and meet guests. The couple shares a beautiful dance together and it is all very good. But when they separate to cater to different guests or not staying on the dance floor for a long time, then it creates concern.

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