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7 Warning Signs You’re Dating A Misogynist & You Need To Get Out


7 Warning Signs You’re Dating A Misogynist & You Need To Get Out

They say love is blind. In matters of the heart, sometimes we overlook the need to know and judge a person properly in the rush of love. However, there have been certain unfortunate incidences where a relationship hasn’t turned out exactly the way it was supposed to. The person we fall in love with, may uphold ideas and thoughts which is totally opposite to our own viewpoints. This happens because in love you are often misled in surprisingly subtle ways.

A misogynist is a person who hates women or holds immense hatred towards women.

It is easy to distinguish sexism which is blatant and offensive, but it becomes pretty hard to recognize a misogynist because they are often carefree in their attitudes towards women.

So if you feel that your present relationship is too toxic for you, look out for these signs to be sure if your partner is a misogynist or not.

1. In the initial days, they are very pleasing and modest

Misogynists usually lure you by their funny, charismatic personality. They aren’t necessarily grumpy or angry at the beginning. They will treat you with proper care and flatter you with all kinds of attention. They will never behave badly with you. But slowly overtime their behavior begins to change.

2. They vocally support women all the time

Not every misogynist is against women all the time. They are clever not to reveal their anti-women bias at the early stages of acquaintance. According to a study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly, men display their actions and views against women carefully. Suppose your partner insists on paying for every lunch and dinner you have, or every time he takes you out for shopping, it is because he wants to impose his control over you. He firmly and staunchly believes men should be allowed to take control over financial matters and enjoy a sense of independence, while women are bound to follow their advice and be refrained from having too much freedom.

3. Their choice of words is carefully crafted

They engage in conversations in such modest ways that you get attracted to them easily. The words they use are disarming towards any women. They are emotionally mature in conversations and behavioral attitudes that make them look non-threatening to women. They act in ways that it becomes difficult to recognize their sexist misogyny. However, this is sexist since they believe that women react highly to emotional truths and have no control over their own emotions.

4. They suffer from erratic changes in mood

It’s true. A misogynist can be extremely happy at one moment and turn aggressive at the very next second. This highly unexpected behavior mostly appears from them trying to prove that men are correct in everything. If you notice in your relationship, his mood may flicker in every hour. He may be a charismatic soul in the beginning, but gradually as days pass by, he may be extremely irritable and violent towards you.

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5. They hold extreme opinions about men and women

A misogynist partner will argue with you on any topic regarding gender. He becomes supremely excited and defensive when such a topic becomes a part of your conversation. He may believe that men should be high-powered and dominant and women should be submissive, subdued and delicate. They should follow men and take their advice. On seeing an independent bold women and a highly sensitive man, your misogynist partner can turn physically violent or abusive and lash out.

6. They have no respect for your time

Since misogynists usually have a higher regard for men than women, they believe everything they do is correct. He will keep you waiting for longer hours. He will reach late when having appointments or dates with other women. But with other men, he will be very punctual and always on time. This is a highly discriminatory action.

7. They are always undermining women

Their misogynist attitude speaks in every action that they exhibit. They are biased towards women in an extent that it begins to sour your relationship. They will have a problem with your working in an office, wearing certain kinds of dresses, being an extrovert and too much talkative to other men etc. He will always try to keep you under control. He will try not to look vulnerable and weak before you. He may insist on maintaining an appearance and reputation always.

If these typical behavioral traits matches with your partner, you now know that he is a misogynist who’ll soon impose himself upon you, forcefully. So it’s high time you should break up with him.

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