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8 Ways Therapists Can Tell If Your Relationship Is Going To Survive


8 Ways Therapists Can Tell If Your Relationship Is Going To Survive

Therapists suggest several tests that you can apply to your relationship to see if that survives the ravages of time.

In the present generation, relationships are very hard to maintain. They are faced with the barrages of social media, and a public image, which destroys any sort of confidence that these people might have in their relationship. Couple that with the added pressure of ‘being happy’, they almost always break up.

The celebrity relationships fails also affects their life, which is incidentally why couples’ therapy has become a thing now, which people frequent in order to salvage their relationship, from whatever it is being afflicted with.

1. Enjoying Together

Couples who enjoy things together usually have a very interesting relationship. They never have one boring moment together. They would go to parks, museums, art galleries, and try to be with each other as much as possible. Instead of living a separate life, try to involve your partner as much as possible. Do things that you two like and enjoy and you will always have a pleasant time together.

2. Trust

Relationships only last when there is trust in it. Trust is quite simply the most important portion in a relationship. Unless you are secure with the person you are with, and secure with your place in his life, your relationship wouldn’t ever go successful, and you would forever be lamenting it.

3. Till Death Do Us Apart

Relationships only last when both partners would commit completely to this relationship. Problems occur in relationships, but committing to them together solves it faster. Therapy has always suggested that relationships are all about struggling together to have a compatible life. Leaving your partner while in jeopardy, would be pretty much the worst thing you could do to someone who would be expecting to live a life with you.

4. Physical Attraction

Physical intimacy is very important when you want to maintain a relationship. The feeling of touch is very important to ensure that the love between a relationship stays. Sex and the feeling of lust, when combined with love, leads a relationship that is long lasting, that also ensure that fun, company, and longing remains together. Physical intimacy is necessary, which is why long distance relationships never work.

5. Forgiveness is the Key

Forgiveness is the key to any good relationship. Holding grudges in a relationship would almost always spell death of the relationship. Forgive and forget, for everyone makes mistakes. But holding onto them would never make a relationship grow. Relationships always need to grow; they are like trees. If you keep on holding on to the mistakes your partner made, you would never get over it, and never mature as a human.

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6. Respect and Admiration

Love is important in any relationship, but what is more important is a healthy dose of respect and admiration for the partner. If you aren’t interested in what the partner wants or does, there can be no relationship. There would be ego clashes, frequently, only because the partners aren’t respectful enough about what the other believes in. It is a beautiful thing, this relationship stuff. But it only works if both partners are able to respect each other, and admire them for their strengths and qualities.

7. Excelling At Making Up

You and your partner can only fix a relationship when you know how to make up after a huge fight. Instead of shutting each other in their respective bedrooms, meet up at a mid point and talk. Talk about the hour when the relationship is at the brink. This relationship, which matters to both of you. If you decide to keep mum about the problem, it would not get resolved and accumulate overnight.

8. Empathy

This is the key. You need to feel. Empathize. Understand. Just loving someone and being with someone doesn’t entail knowing them. You need to be a part of their struggles, moments when they were beaten down, and when they rose above all adversities. That is the only way you would be able to empathize and truly understand your partner, and maintain a relationship.

A relationship is important for any human being, for we are social creatures. We might crave solace, but secretly we would always want to have company. But that will only be possible if people are respectful and truly believe in a relationship.

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