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Here Are The Top 10 Qualities Of The Perfect Woman, According To Men


Here Are The Top 10 Qualities Of The Perfect Woman, According To Men

What do men want? Women often try to figure out the answer to this overwhelming question and fail miserably. However, it is not really rocket science because men subtly hint at it always.

Here are 11 signs that show what they desire:

1. The Funny Girl

Laughter is the best medicine and, in this case, the love potion. Men love women who can laugh at their follies, crack hilarious jokes and have a cute smile on their faces. It goes without saying that they appreciate a hearty laugh over sombre moods. Life can be really difficult at times and women who don’t let it ruin their days are really attractive.

2. Young At Heart

Men usually find it easier to hang out with women who are at least 2 to 4 years younger than them. Is this because of their mental age? Is it because younger women are more open to experimentation under the sheets? Or is it something to do with feeling “manly” and “in charge”? Whatever may be the case, they need someone vibrant and young.

3. The Toothy Tale

When Boyzone sang “smile an everlasting smile a smile could bring you near to me”, we didn’t think they were dropping a hint. Men love a contagious smile. They feel women who laugh openly are more approachable and likely to show interest. Good teeth do play a huge role.

4. Big Bosom

This one is no surprise. Men love big bosom as compared to perkier ones. They find it irresistibly sexy and a sign of a healthier person. While some men like smaller breast on petite women, they would prefer larger sizes any day.

5. Long Legged Lass

Tall women with well toned long legs are nothing but goddesses. They are appealing to both men and women! Be it distressed denim or skinny dress, they carry it with such panache that one cannot help but fall in love with their beauty. Now you know why Victoria’s Secret models steal hearts.

6. Independence Is Important

Contrary to popular belief, men don’t want to play the knight in shining armor. They don’t want to rescue the damsel in distress and save the day. What men actually want is a self made confident woman who fights against all odds. Age old requirements of a good job, grand house and other material possessions are now achieved by both the sexes, hence are not all important. What women and men now desire is compatibility.

7. Tiny Feet

Earlier Chinese women were made to wear iron shoes in order to restrict the growth of their feet. This was done because tiny feet were seen as a sign of beauty. Even today men find small feet more attractive without any particular cause.

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8. Learning Is Essential

Nothing is more sexy than intellect. Gone are the days when men wanted ignorant women who’d be unaware of their follies and foibles. Men now desire smart and learned ladies who can contribute to their personal growth. Being together and becoming the best version of yourself, pulling each other up in need and learning new things is what makes a healthy relationship. Educated women are more interesting and understanding.

9. Red Is The Warmest Color

A ravishing red dress is bound to attract the attention of all men irrespective of age. It is scientifically proven that red is the most attractive and sensuous color. So on your next date, don’t forget to wear something red.

10. Hips Don’t Lie

Larger hips were linked with fertility and hence was deemed more attractive. Even though the fashion industry roots for hourglass figure, men prefer dainty hips as it is a sign of youthful vigor.

Ladies, it is important that you be yourself and not succumb to societal expectations. What ultimately matters is your individual voice. You are beautiful and if someone loves you for who you are, only then can you truly be happy. Strive to be kind, confident and capable of doing everything – the rest will follow.

The featured image was taken by an incredible photographer Sean Archer

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