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6 Things Women Do That Make Their Men Love Them Forever


6 Things Women Do That Make Their Men Love Them Forever

Behind every successful man there is a woman. But behind a clueless man driven crazy is also a woman. Every man loves his woman as she is the most precious acquired gift a man has. She cares for him, adores him and definitely annoys him.

A healthy relationship takes a lot of work and effort on both parts. It takes acceptance of each other’s quirks and even attempting to like them. We know those ladylike habits like constant nagging, selfie-sprees, behaving childishly, taking forever while shopping etc. can really tip a man off.

There are some habits that we found men adore in women, even though they might say otherwise. So, here are 6 such habits that a woman does unknowingly which her man secretly likes:

1. When she buries her head in his chest

Trust us, men love it. Just as she feels secure while doing this, he feels important, strong and responsible. It is not just a physical expression of love, it says how much she trusts him, and he loves it.

2. When she plays with his hair while he is driving

This might definitely look annoying but it gives him a sense of deep affection, love and care. It is not just about the physical pleasure. He loves the carefree expression of feelings even in such insignificant moments.

3. When she praises him on Social Media

Of course, he likes public announcements of appraisal. Be it any social media, he would love if she acknowledges his efforts. It is highly encouraging for him. It also gives him a great sense of security when his lady acknowledges his place in her life in public.

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4. When she listens to him attentively

In every relationship, communication is the key. Just as she expects him to listen to her daily rundowns, he wants her to do the same for him. It makes him feel loved, cared for as well as important. Even the most insignificant and tiny details of his day become more significant when there is someone to listen to them attentively.

5. When she texts/calls him when he’s out with friends

Though he will never admit this, he actually likes it when he knows that she is thinking about him. They both need their personal spaces but knowing he is always on her mind even when he is busy gives him a sense of belonging and security. This will only make the relationship better.

6. When she admires him publicly

It is a known fact that men hate public displays of affection. This is one of the times when facts are false. They actually like PDA. Holding his hand in public, giving him a peck on the cheek, tousling his hair in the middle of a line; these all make his heart beat faster as he is just surer that he has her. Everyone else will know about them and it will just alleviate the security in the relationship.

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