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8 Signs You Have a Man That Will Love You Forever


8 Signs You Have a Man That Will Love You Forever

What are you to me has no understanding, unless you can understand what forever and infinity really mean.” – A.R. Asher.

There is no emotion in this world that can match up to the ‘butterflies in my stomach’ feeling other than being in love. Even every day prosaic jobs seem to be much more romantic and you feel awfully happy and giddy like a teenager.

Finding the perfect one, be it Mr. Darcy or Mr. Rhett Butler, can be a time consuming job. But if you think you have found just the one, then here are 8 tips to ascertain if he really is for yours to keep:

1. The Queen of his kingdom

He makes you happy like no one else can and gives a lot of effort in doing so. Treating you like royalty, even though you haven’t been delightful enough. Most men are nice but not necessarily mean long term. They will also occasionally treat you like a royalty, but ladies we all know what is more important, being a princess or the queen of his life.

2. The couple

Love is the union of two souls, accepting the dark and light within each other and finding the other’s flaws and scars to be beautiful. Both commit to each other knowing it fully well of their shortcomings. When a man is serious about you, he will mention ‘we’ collectively and would neither hesitate nor feel awkward in doing so. He is very well acknowledging his courtship and actually has no dilemma in showcasing him being taken and is happily head over heels in love with you.

3. The shoulder to rely on

On days you feel down and morose, he would be all ears. And yes, they will actually listen! They would love to know what’s making their girl sad and will lend their shoulders for you to rely on, offering consolation or direction accordingly. They will try their best in remedying your problems. Even Sheldon Cooper did take care of Amy and listen to her problems, while being the biggest megalomaniac ever. If your man is also investing a certain amount of his time for catering to and mitigating your problems, you bet you got yourself a keeper.

4. In a future of us together

Let’s face it: most of us have all been there when the person you were with ditched you the instant a better option came his way. But be assured that if your current man isn’t just fooling around with you, he will talk about a future together, maybe even call you his baby mama. He will talk about spending every vacation together and making an entry together as a couple during Thanksgiving dinner at his place.

5. In sync

Even on your most bloated days, he still considers you to be a diva. No matter if you have applied an activated charcoal face pack (for a little bit of self pampering that thing works wonders), have put up your hair in pig tails and just roaming around the house in those oversized PJ’s, to him you will look like a million bucks. Also, it is known that upon encountering a person we hold dear, our pupils dilate. Keep an eye for that.

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6. The four magical words

“You are the one.” If he ever says this, ladies, you have hit the jackpot and it is very certain he is into you big time and long run. A man will never say such things when he’s having a fling.

7. Only for you

He holds your opinions in high esteem and never discredits them. You are also the first person he seeks approval from or inform things to. You are his pole star and he acknowledges it.

8. Mama approves

He has confided to his family about the way he feels about you and isn’t shy to accept that he has found the woman of his dreams. Also his mama likes you and gives you compliments and you are liked by his dad. In short, if his family is warm towards you, do know that your man loves you and is definitely thinking long term.

Whatever your souls are made of, they are the same. Because sometimes and only sometimes, when some people say ‘forever’, they actually do mean it.

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