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Why Women Leave The Man They Love


Why Women Leave The Man They Love

Heartbroken, ain’t you? The love of your life left you for someone else, while you are there, in a limbo, with no idea where to go next. Cursing her, wishing her death, and yet wanting her sweet, sweet embrace, you would probably feel that the world has made a grave mistake by her dumping you, or you might be considering it to be your fate, or bad luck, which has never given you luck with women, especially this one in particular.

Ever stopped to consider it could be your fault? Maybe your actions, or lack of them, drove her off? Maybe you are the one who destroyed a perfectly blossoming relationship by not thinking about your actions? Maybe those late nights in the office can be justified by you, but not by her? Maybe, you think you were going on a straight path, but you weren’t.

Several factors come into play when it is about something this serious, and you are left wondering why you got stuck in the ditch. Let’s see what could have been one of the factors, to the destruction of a beautiful and symbiotic relationship.

Superman’s Fortress of Solitude

No one wants to be lonely. For any reason whatsoever. Isolation is different, and alienation is different. No woman would ever want to be alienated from the person they love, seeing them not being them when they had promised her. Strung her up on a date, for the 15th time, maybe? Any like-minded person would never accept to being treated like a second option, and someone who can be discarded at will. And that brings the feeling of being alone too. You can’t just leave someone lonely for hours at a stretch, and expect them to just be waiting for you, ALL THE TIME.

Acknowledge Their Identity

Acknowledge that she is a woman, and a huge presence in your life. She matters, and she exists, not just as a toy, but as someone who has equal rights, and independence by her side. You would do well, to treat her right, and hug her tight, or Shawn Mendes would serenade her with ‘Treat Her Better’, and you would be left with broken memories. She deserves your respect, and you better give her that.

Bedroom Stories

Many women leave, because matters in the bedroom become too slow, or monotonous. And no one wants monotony, especially in the bedroom. She wants to feel admired, with the knowledge that she can turn her man on with just the bat of her eyelids. She wants to be worshiped by her man, and if he doesn’t, well there are a million others who would happily do so. Your competition is with yourself, and if you lose, you lose her. Sweep her off her feet, or someone else will.

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Midlife Crisis

Midlife is a tenuous phase in everyone’s life, especially women, who find themselves undergoing several hormonal changes, and a crippling thought that she might not be as pretty as before, and trust me, that matters to them. At this point, if you, as her lover, don’t take the time to appreciate her, and embrace her despite what she might think to be her follies, someone else will. The main thing that should be ingrained in your mind is that if you don’t, someone definitely will. Next second you find yourself alone in a world where people around you are happily in love. You need to take care, that when midlife hits, you are there to shield her from facing the brunt. This could also bring in questions of pregnancy, again something you have to be beside her at all times.


As mentioned earlier, no one likes routines. Be it a romp in the sack, or simple day to day chores, if you get predictable, you aren’t a challenge to them, and hence they would never be interested in you anymore. You have to be the enigma, or someone who inspires adventures. Take her out on surprise dates, go on long walks suddenly, buy her gifts without her having any idea. Do things that would make her go gaga over you, for if you keep on spending nights at the office, being busy, and predictable, she would make sure someone keeps her busy, and that is something which you don’t want, right?

The motto should be, don’t treat her like a piece of meat.

It’s not whom you spend Friday night with, it’s whom you spend whole day Saturday with.

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