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7 Things Toxic People Do To Manipulate You


7 Things Toxic People Do To Manipulate You

We all have our insecurities, but when people you trust are toxic, you start believing you’re worthless. These people will gaslight you and make you feel unwanted. They will destroy your confidence and you just feel darkness.

Here are seven traits of people who will bring you down in every possible way:

1. Whimsical

Seasons change and so do people. However, toxic people could change their temperament from one day to the other. They are whimsical. On some days they’ll show you their best side, take care of you, pamper you and be there for you, the next day they’ll be moody and cranky. You will naturally feel intimidated and confront them, they’ll straightway dismiss you. Eventually you’ll realize that’s just who they are and there is not much you can do about it. Just let them go for your own sake.

2. Sudden Attacks

Toxic people can leave you scarred for life. They will find the tiniest of faults and exaggerate it to such an extent that you’ll beat yourself up. It takes one word for them to insult your family, taunt you and doubt your intentions. They will force you to feel guilty. They want you to cater to their needs. Don’t be stupid and fall in the trap. This is just one of the many manipulative techniques, if they want to unleash their wrath, just distance yourself. You are not a punching bag.

3. No Apology

Have you ever heard a toxic person apologize? No? Neither have I. These people live in their own version of reality where they can never be wrong. No logical explanation or argument will change their stance. They will play with facts and never accept their follies. It is better for you to just stop nurturing high hopes. Leave them alone, you’ll know in your heart of hearts who is right.

4. They Will Make You Feel Inferior

If a toxic person praises you for something, they’ll pick and choose such words that are bound to make you sad. They can never be a positive influence because all they care about is: themselves. They use a condescending tone to deliberately break your heart. Moreover, if they ever give you a gift, don’t think it is a sweet gesture. It is a way to make you feel indebted as they’ll keep expecting you to do favors for them. They are extremely cunning and can control your life before you even understand.

5. Projecting Feelings

Toxic people are basically immature beings who have no touch with the workings of the world. They think they can just project their unresolved and unreasonable emotions on others and get away with it. They cannot deal with their thoughts and feelings most of the times. This is the reason they look for and escape to shrug off their responsibilities.

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6. Ghosting

According to Psychology Today, ghosting is “having someone that you believe cares about you, whether it is a friend or someone you are dating, disappear from contact without any explanation at all. No phone call or email, not even a text.” This is a regular phenomenon with toxic people. Imagine you are happy and extremely excited about something. You send them the plans and are eagerly waiting for their response when suddenly they vanish. They don’t pick up calls, respond to texts or even come online. You are left gasping for breath and wondering what you did wrong. It isn’t about you; it’s just their way of running away from things that matter.

7. No Solutions

You can’t have one productive conversation with them because they will not listen to a word you say. They will not bow down or even think of compromise. They are egoists who’ll rather break relationships than accept where they went wrong. Please don’t expect them to own up or come to a conclusion through logic – just leave for your own good.

You should know when to leave. Know who adds something to your life and who sucks all happiness out of it. Stop hoping that toxic people will change – they won’t. It’s high time you protect yourself.

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