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If You Can’t Find The Right Partner In Your Life, You Should Read This


If You Can’t Find The Right Partner In Your Life, You Should Read This

Not all relationships are meant to work. Not all partners become your soulmate. Love is eternal, but finding the correct partner to share this love with is a daunting task.

There are many kinds of relationship that one encounters in life. Some are so shallow, they seem like unfulfilled. In a relationship which is one-sided, you give all the effort but, in turn, receive nothing. This is called unreciprocated love, where love is taken as granted, where the returns are a bare minimum. This is not how any relation should work.

Relationships require commitment and effort until it acquires its natural flow when you can simply give and take unconditional love in abundance. Until then, anybody who comes into a relationship just for the sake of it is not your correct life partner.

Here are a few points you should keep in mind when coming into a relationship.

1. Some people do not know what love really is

Love isn’t futile. Love is not vague. Love is beautiful. However, some people demean the concept of love. Such people aren’t worth your time and your affection. There are some people who are too self-centered, they love themselves more and do not know how to love someone back. Get rid of them who try to control your life or push you into the pit of insecurity. But never give up on searching true love.

2. Always know that anyone who loves you for who you are is your correct soulmate

Nobody is perfect. Every person is born with imperfections. No two people can be compared. One who always compares you with others is not deserving of your love. You are the best in your self. You are happy with who you are. Judging someone on the basis of some personality is baseless. The parameter of comparison itself is illogical. Someone who loves you from all their heart should always treat you like a rare treasure. He should treat you for your imperfections because these are what make a person unique. Someone can be more good looking than you, someone can be more intelligent than you, but that doesn’t mean you are any less. You are who you are and your partner should treat you just like that. They should love you for the beautiful and strong individual you are. Beauty comes from inside and your imperfections make them shine more. A delicate soul should be taken care of. Appearances shouldn’t matter as long as love is the only element that rules your relationship. Hence, it should come naturally, from the inside. No other petty issue should be able to ruin it.

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3. Someone who knows what it takes to maintain a partnership

Love also includes a deep friendship, built on trust and cooperation. Nothing progresses when it is just a single person giving all the effort. Love requires compromises, sacrifices and a little bit of adjustment. Love needs that person who will adore you at your best and support you at your worst. Love means having a shoulder to cry on, having a pillar to get up from the lowest of lows. Love is everything that two people should share and build together. Love is when your relationship is based on compliments and walks hand in hand on the path of reaching a heavenly abode.

Yes, falling in love is a difficult task. In an age where it is difficult to trust others, deciding to accept someone as your true soulmate is hard. But doesn’t mean that you give up. Love is pure and the feeling soothes your inner self. Love is beautiful and deserves to be felt. Always know that you should give your best wherever and whenever you find the scope. You shouldn’t be selfish. Love will come back to you automatically, if not this time then certainly the next time. Because all it takes is just a little bit of kindness to win the love of others.

So never give up. Have patience and wait. Your true love is just around the corner.

Image source: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash

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