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You Won’t Find True Love Until You Accept These 10 Essential Truths


You Won’t Find True Love Until You Accept These 10 Essential Truths

All of us are running after our chance at love. For ages, we have all believed that it’s the only thing that could save our soul. We have sky-high dreams, and an elaborate imagination about what our perfect romance would be like.

However, in order to find your ‘one true love’, you must be ready to accept these 10 essential truths:

1. To Find The Right Person, You Need To Be The Right Person

None of us are perfect. Be the kind of person you would want to end up with. If you’re looking for somebody who is kind, be compassionate towards others. If you’re looking for one who is clear-headed about their career, get your life into order. You cannot take everything for granted, and expect to simply stumble upon Prince Charming, right out of the blue.

2. Know Your Boundaries

Know where to start and stop. Do not give your partner a hard time over hanging out with their friends. They have a life beyond this relationship. Recognize and accept it. Make a list of all the dos and don’ts and make sure you abide by them too.

3. True Love Is About Healthy Communication

Do not give each other the cold shoulder. It’s very important to talk through issues if you want your romance to survive. Nobody is perfect, and chances are that your partner isn’t exactly a mind-reader. So, don’t expect them to be one. Articulate your problems, and find the best way to solve it.

4. True Love Means Goals And Desires-Both Yours And As A Couple

You should be comfortable enough to build something together. It will teach you a lot about each other and also a thing or two about how to co-exist. However, in trying to be the best couple, don’t risk losing touch of your individual identities. Your goals matter as much as your joint ventures.

5. Be Proactive In All Your Relationships

Choose who you want to surround yourself with. Nothing is mandatory. If you think that some people, relatives, or professional ventures are not in keeping with your values, or goals, then abandon them politely. Choose the kind of people who value you and contribute to your happiness.

6. You Aren’t A Victim

If you want to take control of your life, you have to stop pitying yourself. You are not the victim here. You are completely in power to take matter into your own hands, and make them better. When you’re in an abusive or toxic relationship, you will make excuses for your SO, and even yourself. Do not let this abusive trend continue.

7. Live With Purpose

Find what you’re meant to do. All of us have a reason behind our existence, and finding your calling is a real game-changer. Spend quality time with yourself every day, and discover who you really are. Nobody is allowed into that circle. You will be surprised to realize exactly how much you did not know about your own self.

8. True Love Doesn’t Hurt

I cannot stress this enough. The idea that love brings pain is very abusive. Think about it yourself. Nobody wants to hurt the people they love. We do all we can to protect them. If you’re handed pain in the name of affection, reject it. Similarly, do not allow yourself to hurt another person and dismiss it in the name of ‘fondness’.

9. True Love Loves Us As We Are And Wants Us As We Are

If somebody truly loves you, they won’t try to change you constantly. If someone is trying to fit you into another person’s character, then you are clearly not what they’re looking for. Don’t choose just about anybody and try to mold them into being somebody else. They have the right to be their own person. Similarly, you shouldn’t have to give up your identity in order to suit somebody else’s fancy.

10. Finally, True Love Is An Action From You To You

If you cannot love yourself earnestly, you will not be able to love another person. You are the closes to your heart. It is imperative that you make yourself your no. 1 priority, because nobody will look out for you the way you can. Be your own best friend, and fight for yourself. That way, you’re better equipped to take this world and its challenges, head on.

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